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Brown: the color of the season

Say goodbye to the “all black”. We are now opting for brown shades – that go from deep chocolate to light sand.

Photo: @alexyanbaev Model - Nastya Garnis MUAH - Zhanna Sofi Style - Veronika Temerova Via @officialkavyar

Dark neutrals have always been one of the favourite things in the fashion pack, but the color brown has always taken a back seat to give space to navy, black and even gray – a very controversial color.

Photo: @daria.dunich Model: @castkz Hair: @kosa_vasha MUA: @paliymua Via @officialkavyar

And those year – decades, actually - of opting for other colors has played a major role in the comeback of brown outfits. Designers of the most famous houses in the world, such as Bottega Venetta, for example, have used the color as a way to warm up simple silhouettes, bringing contrast with ground feminine pieces and giving the beautiful elegance that’s very much harder to achieve with any other tones.

When we think about it, with the current hype of minimalism and natural beauty, it makes sense that this very natural tone has been embraced by designers, models, celebrities and all of the streetstyle.

Photographer: @Irala_photo Model : @Paige_rivas Wardrobe : @irala_photo Makeup: @smoked.out.mua Hair Stylist : @An_americantail

Right now – and for the rest of the season - the entire spectrum of brown is totally on trend. The best part is that, unlike other dark neutrals, it’s easy to mix shades of brown in one outfit. Add at leats one brown piece to your wardrobe and watch the magic happens: you’re going to love it.



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