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Dopamine Dressing Is Back on Trend – Again

"This familiar idea of Dopamine Dressing is back, with just a few changes."

Photo: @magdalena.stefanowska Stylist: @misialbrt MUA & Hair: @sadovska_factory Model: @wiktoriagmurska Via @officialkavyar

'Dopamine Dressing’ isn’t a new concept for us, actually, it has been part of our life – and wardrobe – for a while now. Ever since the pandemic started to get under control – for the first time, at leats – we started to use our clothes to express our ambitions and our needs in that time, and because we could all use a little more joy, we went hard on the colors.

Back then, the real go-to colors were orange, blue and yellow – they were everywhere. All over our Instagram feeds, our favorite it girls would be dressed in vibrant and happy colors that made us want to live and have fun.

Cr Dir: @executivedone Photo: @dennymoesmediahouse Stylist: @yumodelsnyc MUA: @susanreidny Model: @beythemodel_ Via @officialkavyar

And now, this familiar idea of Dopamine Dressing is back, with just a few changes. Pastel pink, bold red and vibrant green – that might be the biggest color for 2022, thanks to Bottega Veneta, I guess - are a few of this season’s breakout hues. Choose to style your neon tones of choice with a monochromatic head-to-toe look, or, opt to color block and have all of your favorite colors together in just one great look – just don’t forget to keep the intensity alike so it doesn’t look messy.



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