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Gilded Glamour & White Tie: Let’s Get Into The Latest Met Gala Theme

Ok, so the Met Gala 2022 dress code was white tie. But, really, what's that?

Fashion Designer:@chernitsyna_couture Model:@julia_or_musa Retoucher:@pro.retoucher Photographer:@korotkova_kristina_ Model:@ksenuajulia Makeup Artist:@cosm_izh Via @officialkavyar

The biggest night in Fashion, the great Met Gala just happened three days ago, on its original date, the first Monday of May, for the first time in two years. This years theme was ‘In America: An Anthology of Fashion’ and the dress code was the Gilded Age in the 19th century. But what exactly was it?

Photographer: @dorofeevayuliya Via @officialkavyar

Ok, so the Met Gala 2022 dress code was white tie. But, really, what's that?

Like any good Met Gala theme, it was kind of open to interpretation – not as much as some of the other years, but there was some room to it - and we did see plenty of variety in dresses, costumes and outfits.

Let's start with a fact: white tie is the strictest tier of formalwear, with the smallest amount of wiggle room as to what it entails – and, yes, it usually does actually demand a white tie.

For reference, we could look up to Downton Abbey or the HBO series The Gilded Age – this one is exactly what we were expecting of our atendees – where the gentleman are all dressed up in their tails and ties, complete with a vest and polished black shoes.

Model: @oooolhala  Makeup Artist: @innagkmakeup  Wardrobe Stylist: @omaimacouture  Photographer: @zima_portraits  Via @officialkavyar

Like I said before, there was not a lot of room for interpretation, but there was some, so like with any Met Gala, we were expecting most of the celebrities there to don’t really care about the archetypical white tie dress. And as much as I would love to see them all actually sticking to the theme for once, we have to understand something: it'd be insanely boring to witness a sea of spats, cravats and corsets without any originality in sight. Still, white tie does offer a good base to work with, so we got to see some funky plays on tailoring. And we got to see Blake Lively, which was almost enough perfection for the whole night.



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