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Handbags: Why You Should Give It As Many Thought As To Your Clothes

'One of our favourite things about bags will always be how they are one of the few things that can be extremely functional just the same way as being extremely fashionable'

Photo: @oksana_jackson_⁠ Model: @g.odysssey⁠ MUA: @sang_theglaminator⁠ Via @officialkavyar⁠ ⁠ ROBE - Chiara Boni ⁠ GLASSES - Tom Ford ⁠ JEWELRY - Zara ⁠ SHOES- Zara ⁠ CLUTCH - Love Moschino

We all know by now that our clothes and the way we dress can say a lot about us and no matter how uch we try to deny it, they are what causes a good – or bad – impression. Even though we try to be different and open-minded, the truth is that by the end of the day we’re just little human beings that make judgements at the top our minds – and our looks are the first thing to be seem. So whether what you’re dressed in new, old, tidy, messy, ironed or not ironed clothes, this is what can make you look more serious or casual, more dressed up or in a not-trying-so-hard day. And think with me about one thing: whatever you’re dressing, what is one thing that is almolst always with you? You probably guessed it and said it’s your bag, and that’s exactly it. It can be a purser, briefcase or even a backpack, they’re all saying something – even if they primarily serve to carry things in a way that’s not about fashion, they also have the power of describing you, so the same way that you pay very close attentiont to your face, hair and clothes, you should pay attention to the bag you’re carrying.

Photographer: @kevindealphoto⁠ Model: @tatumbrooke_⁠ Via @officialkavyar

Bags are one of those things that have been around for ages and this is due to its important rolein the every day life of every person – everyone have found different uses on why they carry a bag to school, work, or any other activity. You can hardly find ant alternative that will do the same for you as a bag does, as one can easily put everything they need in a bag and go on their way throughout the day – also, they can make you very stylish so it’s both for function and vanity. So you can go out there and search from the simplest one to the most sophisticated, luxurious one and they’ll serve you the same purpouse – it's all up to your own personal preferences and needs, whick kind of explains why they’re th most essential accessorie throughout the ages. It’s something so big that they have their own space of research, called ‘bagology’, the study of handbags. Big fashion companies actually take it very seriously and use this to create a bag that is most suited for a specific group, to accomodate their needs and fashion style. And because life is not just about what we need, of couse all this can be also used to improve your appearance – and you can create the look you want others to perceive. Lets keep in mind that, after dresses, the next most popular accessory is a designer bag, which can easily be the armament of your fashion statement – we all know the power of having a Birking bag, for example. And happily for us, we can find a number of beautiful bags in various online stores nowadays if you’re not in the mood for some good, old in-store experience – and you’ll find one for anything you want or need each way you choose to look for them.

Photo: @oksana_jackson_⁠ Model: @g.odysssey⁠ MUA: @sang_theglaminator⁠ Via @officialkavyar⁠ ⁠ ROBE - Chiara Boni ⁠ GLASSES - Tom Ford ⁠ JEWELRY - Zara ⁠ SHOES- Zara ⁠ CLUTCH - Love Moschino

When you are looking for your perfect handbag, there’s mostly three essential things you have to consider: durability, style and purpouse. Let’s talk about each one of them. Durability is to pay attention to how strong the material of the bag is, not just get carried away by colour or beauty, and style is to not forget to look for colour and beauty – they don’t need to be separate things you can find both things in the same handbag if you take the time to look. The goal is to have something that serves our needs without making us look like we don’t know what century it is, so it doesn’t hurt to have something that also goes along with some trends and is stylish. And the third factor, purpouse, is just as important as the other two – you wouldn’t use a clutch bag to sports day or a backpack to a party, right? Different bags are for different moments, so let’s get into that.

Photographer: @kevindealphoto⁠ Model: @tatumbrooke_⁠ Via @officialkavyar

School And Work

We’ve been trained to carry bags as soon as we start our school life. It will carry all the essential things for learning, like books, notes, and gadgets such as laptops and tablets – there are even bags designed specially to carry those. Schools bags have even be modified in their designs to help with people’s postures, as back problems started to be a real problem among students – a clear example of bags helping people’s needs. And for work, a powerful look is always completed by a bag that will help you carry your work essentials. Most people have specific work bags to put their keys, gadgets, and files, so you’ll rarely see someone leave for the office without a bag in hand – also, if you choose it correctly, it will even help you look more professional.

Outdoor Activities

Simply by going outdoors you’ll have to carry some things with you – so there’s no way you’re not taking a bag to do so. To always have a bag whenever we leave home is more common among women as wetlways have something to carry with us – emergency kit, vanity kit, other accessories, touch up makeu-up and so on, specially if you’re a business woman, a mom, or both. When it comes to men, they usually carry bags that look different from women’s handbags as they rather go for a more versatile and neutral design – but don’t think men don’t see the importance of carrying a good bag, even if their clothes have way more pockets than ours.

Photo: @oksana_jackson_⁠ Model: @g.odysssey⁠ MUA: @sang_theglaminator⁠ Via @officialkavyar⁠ ⁠ ROBE - Chiara Boni ⁠ GLASSES - Tom Ford ⁠ JEWELRY - Zara ⁠ SHOES- Zara ⁠ CLUTCH - Love Moschino

Making A Fashion Statement

One of our favourite things about bags will always be how they are one of the few things that can be extremely functional just the same way as being extremely fashionable. No look is ever complete without a bag and you can have as many as the number of outfits in your closet – with prices that goes from affordable to small fortunes. It has become a closet staple ever since the fashion industry has created designs that are very appealing – and actually used for fashion as many designers have made their name by making some of the most famous handbags, contributing to this multi-million dollar industry. Bags are now seem as your extension, and can describe your social, economic, and even fashion status as it is a highly visible accessory. Just by having a high fashion house signing your design bag you’re in a different level of status, as the people who have those are almost always wealthy – or regular people who are actually just looking for that kind of status to climb up on the social ladder. Even celebrities use bags to display their status, whether it to advertise a certain brand, or simply because they are a great accessory – either way, they send a message. When we look at the world’s fashion capitals, we can see that bags are one of the most important items in the most expensive stores, where prices range from being simply expensive to an actual fortune. A bag is something that can easily create a fashion image – just as much as it can destroy one.



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