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Katerina Evtihova: You need to breathe and relax.

Katerina, can you tell us more about yourself and how you've got involved in the photography business?

Since childhood, I have been engaged in drawing. I have always been involved in the creative process. Later, my hobby turned into a photographer's profession.

How did you mode specifically towards fashion and beauty photography? What does beauty mean to you?

Fasion shooting for me is primarily about art. The art of experimenting. I like being in this process.

Katerina, how would you describe your photographic vision? What kind of look do you try and create in your photos?

I shoot brightly and with emotions.

What inspires you and what gives you ideas to create your beautiful images? Can your ideas change depending on the model you are working with?

I am inspired by movies, paintings, and fashion magazines.

Yes, it happened once. We were going to shoot a gentle image in the field. But the model and the team had a rebellious mood. As a result, we went to constructivist architecture and filmed in rough clothes.

Could you take us through the typical planning process for your images?

First, an idea arises, and then new details are planted on it like beads: clothes, location, makeup, etc.

Would you have any tips for non-models on how to look good in front of the camera?

You need to breathe and relax.

Your projects are a collaborative process. Tell us what is like to always be working with new stylists, models, and makeup artists.

Fortunately, I am always lucky with the team. We understand each other perfectly.

What project(s) are you especially proud of? Why?

I really love the latest Spring melody project. Because it was created by ourselves from beginning to end.

In your opinion, what makes the good picture stand out from the average? How do you choose which images you provide to your clients?

A good picture is distinguished by an interesting compositional technique. Sometimes you don't understand why the picture catches, and then you find in its composition the principle of the golden section and everything falls into place.

What projects are you working on next, and what are your goals for the future?

I am working on promoting myself by filming new brands.

Where can we see more of your works and get connected with you?

More of my works can be seen on my instagram @kate_boombox

Designer: Olga Kharkova @_lilpuss

Model: Regina Nasibullina @gerlzzzzzzz

backstage: Anna Morozova @annamorozova_e

Accessory Designer: Ksenia Isakova @isakova_ksenia

Photographer/Retoucher: Katerina Evtihova @kate_boombox Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Emilia Shaikhutdinova @emilia_shaikh Wardrobe Stylist/Creative Director: Daria Masalskaya @daryaianovna


You can read The MAIN ISSUE Vol. 29 here:



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