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Lella Malta: Brazilian writer goes international and teaches writing course in Portugal

Therapeutic writing, creative writing techniques and how to turn passion into income

Photo: Eliane Bragante

The search for quality of life is part of people's ambitions, and writing can be the way to reach it. In addition to being an instrument of empowerment, self-knowledge and acceptance, it can offer, for those who venture into this universe, the long-awaited financial independence.

This is the objective of the course "Writing from A to Z", taught by the writer and literary trainer Lella Malta, which will take place in Lisbon, at Larcs Anjos, on June 22. This same format has already been taught in some states of Brazil, such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brasília - and let me tell you, every one of these places got crowded.

The course will cover how to self-publish - whether it happens through crowdfunding, independent publishers or any other means - and how much to charge for your work. How to organize your writing routine, review tips and marketing strategies are also on the menu. Lella also says that her goal is “to help people find new ways to express themselves through writing, considering how therapeutic it can be and the endless possibilities to connect with others”.

Photo: Eliane Bragante

Write it, Girl!

In addition to the writing course, in 2019 Lella created “Write it, Girl!”. A support, engagement and ongoing empowerment group for women writers. The participants, distributed in more than five countries, meet virtually to discuss literary theory and creative writing techniques, in an exclusive club with several benefits.

The group will even have a stand at one of the most famous books fairs in Brazil, the São Paulo Book Biennial, scheduled for July this year. At the fair, the group participants will be able to launch their works and have autograph sessions for their readers. Lella is really passionate about her profession and wants to share it with as many people as possible. In her own words: “Life is a blank canvas for those who write. As I’m seeing the world, I get inspired to write new words and there are so many colors and realities! That’s why going to Europe and sharing this love for writing is so special to me. I couldn’t be happier. To be in Portugal and talk about my writing is like I’m going back to the origin of my own words”.

To be part of Write it, Girl!, the interested party should contact or visit the website

A to Z Writing Service in Portugal:

Location: Larcs Anjos - Lisbon (the space follows all the safety standards for the event);

Date: June 22

Investment: €25 (credit card via paypal, bank transfer or pix - Brazilian account).

Registration on the website:

The spots are limited!



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