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Love: can we really find it anywhere?

Photographer: MUAH: @kate_manko_makeup Model: @sofi.lastella Model agent: @modelagentgroup Stylist: @novikova.stylist Wardrobe Suit: @emmelie_delage Dress: @cardamom.clothes

I’m usually here to talk about Fashion, but let’s do something different today. Let’s talk about love. Yes, love. The greatest feeling there is, the most important thing in – almost – every situation. Actually, maybe we can even find it in Fashion, who knows?

Love in all its forms and shapes. Love is the only thing that can make things a little better when they’re not so good – and let’s face it; no one is good all the time. We all need love and we all need to feel loved. But is it possible to find love in Fashion?

The answer is yes, love is totally present in Fashion, in so many ways. Whether it is literally displayed in campaigns and collections, like the L’ Amour from Jacquemus, or seen in not-so-little gestures, like when you find the exact clothe you wanted to your wedding or to celebrate your birthday.

Photo: @ph.violett Model: @di_belle Via @officialkavyar

That moment when you put on something so beautiful that makes you feel like you are the prettiest person to ever exist, that’s love. But it is also love when a brand says they’re donating money to important causes, because sometimes love is just about caring.

To find pleasure and connection in something is an act of love, actually, it is an act of self-love, perhaps the most important kind of love there is. And sometimes, to study or just to watch something about Fashion is what brings that much needed comfort to someone.

Love is everywhere, especially in Fashion, we just got to look for it – and be prepared to accept it when it finds us.



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