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Marina Obukhova: I like to meet a new people and to know what do they like

Kokoshnik - it's Russian traditional headdress. We used hand made kokoshnik for our fashion shoot

Ph: @Marina_obukhova_photo 
Md: @Albina_twain_booker 
Ma: @Twainmanagement 
Style: @Sollery_fashion 
Headdress: @Kotoma.brand @twainmanagement

To begin, where are you based? How long has photography been a hobby and career of yours? What motivated you to get started?

I live and work in Moscow, Russia. I have bought my first camera 13 years ago and I was falled in love with photography. I have taken my camera all the time with me and have shooted absolytely everything: my friends, family, nature, animals, some moments of life. But at that moment it was a hooby. And 5 years ago I started my professional photo carrer.

What is your dream in terms of your career?

I would like to make a big photo project about people around the world. I like to travel and meet a new people. And my idea to show how beautiful and interesting our world.

What has been your most successful moment to date in your career so far?

I make a model test for few model agenses. And I was so happy and proud when I started to work with the coolest Russian model agensy. Now I see girls who I shooted in the first time in them life on fashion week, high level brands and even moovies)

Has your vision and style evolved or changed over time?

My vision and style has changed with time. I became little more brave and free in my photos, but it’s a very slow process.

What type of models do you prefer to shoot with? Why?

I love all people. Every person is so unick and interesting that’s why I like to shoot absolytely everyone: woman and man, young and old, professional models and ordinary people. I’s like an interesting story wich I can find inside of my models.

Can you please explain some of the feelings you are trying to achieve in your photographs?

Do you know this moment when you're happy or fall in love and you feel that you're glow. You can even not smile - but people around feel this energy. So that's what I try to catch in my photographs .

Fashion can be a somewhat unforgiving industry with a lot of egos, how do you deal with it on set or behind the scenes?

I’m a tender and minimalistick person. That’s why I’m a very carefylly with fashion stories. I’m looking for a long time my team for work and always try to find people who same feeling and has the similar view

How has photography influenced you as a person and what do you love most about being a photographer?

I like to meet a new people and to know what do they like, what do they dreaming about. This is motivate me so much! I see how much nice, brave, interesting and beautiful people in our world.

From your point of view, what makes the shoot successful?

I think that shoot have been well prepaired: everyone should clear understand what he/she will do and what we all want to receive finally. But during the shoot I always try to realize some extra ideas with my team. And just add a little inspiration and good mood — and you’ll have an amazing photos)

What projects are you working on next, and what are your goals for the future?

I try to work with few different working project in the same time. That’s give me more inspiration and power. Now I’m working about my own protoproduction studio, few fashion project with clothing designers and jung models.

Where can we see more of your works and get connected with you?

I’ll be glad to stay in contact with you. You can see more of my works here:​​​​​​​



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