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Revealing Clothes: Why Are They So Popular Now?

"Women have always been judged by their looks and physical appearance, but we’re reaching a point in society where a lot of us don’t supress our personal preferences because of that fear of judgement."

Photographer: @josearaica⁠ Makeup Artist: @henrymakeupartist⁠ Hair Stylist: @vale_glamhair⁠ Model: @kristel_freeman⁠ Via @officialkavyar

To dress in a more revealing way than a modest one is actually not new when it comes to

fashion choices, but we’re seeing it now more than ever – and some factors contribute to that kind of shift. Women have always been judged by their looks and physical appearance, but we’re reaching a point in society where a lot of us don’t supress our personal preferences because of that fear of judgement. Now that we’re living in a time where there’s a lot more inclusive views on women, the visibility of revealing clothes in pop culture and media have also increased throughout the years – leading a number of women to also try it.

What is seem as revealing can differ from person to person. Because fashion is a subjective topic, that can chance views depending on who is wearing something, we’ll always fing different opinions across the population, just as we’ll see how every fashion choice has a different meaning for everyone. But still, some clothes are commonly difined as recognized as revealing, such as crop tops, low cut tops, short shorts and even clothes that are more form fitting. To get that picture a little better, we can go one by one: all tops that may show skin that is believed to be covered are included, just as the ones that reveal the chest area – the same goes to shorts, if they don’t cover the knees then they’re on the list. And all clothes that accentuate the female form are considered revealing. Like those tiny close fitting dresses we all love – imagine now the one that are cut-outs.

Makeup Artist/Photographer/Hair Stylist/Retoucher:⁠ Model: @castkz⁠ Via @officialkavyar

Of course, there’s always the need to consider different things here, depending os societal factors or personal values – so that lins can be shorter or longer. We’re just presenting what’s generally seem as revealing in the common sense area, which does not mean it is comprehensive and complete, but you got the idea. And now that things are a little more clear about what are revealing clothes and which types make it to the list, let’s get to the point: why are we seeing it get more and more popular each day?

When speaking about this topic, your mind may go directly to the y2k fashion – that wouldn’t be a surprise considering it’s been the biggest trend around for many seasons now – and you’re not wrong to make that coneection. The diffedrence from the looks that took over the start of the new millennium to the ones we have now are considerable, so it’s far away from being simply copy and paste. Even though it’s undeniable that we have some y2k sexy influence, the 202o’s take on the look is a little trickier to talk about – and even to understand. It’s now the polar opposite of that time when we’re all wearing sweatpants and loungewear at home – you know the time and it’s all about embracing a more bold, even risky and sassy aesthetic that goes a lot in the direction of self-expression – we can even see some rebellious needs here. More than the feeling of pure nostalgia, it’s a time of more inclusivity, less defined by traditional attitudes toward body shapes, gender, and sex.

Photo: @diannree_ph⁠ Model: @kate_tyga⁠ Hair: @moseushka⁠ Studio: @zarnica_studio⁠ Via @officialkavyar

We can now spot that sexy, barely-there style – while also very put-togeter – across all genders and body types, something that would be unthinkable 20 years ago. Concepts like more inclusivity and body positivity have been growing in importance for the past few years, and we can all say thanks to Gen Z for leading that conversation. Now, there are so many different aesthetics and standards, and the whole spectrum of style got wider as we have new and more modern – and less conservativa – role models. Consider names like Di Petsa, for example, a brand names made for designing for the bigger range of women possible. If you’re familiar with the brand’s designs, you know what I’m talking about when I say how gorgeous and even empower they are, but if you’re not, think dresses, corsets, and skirts that appear as if the wearer had thrown themselves headfirst into water – and it looks better than you can iagine now. Those are pieces highlight perfectly every curve of the female frame, leaving little to the imagination – which is exactly what we expect to see when talking about revealing clothes.

Photographer: @josearaica⁠ Makeup Artist: @henrymakeupartist⁠ Hair Stylist: @vale_glamhair⁠ Model: @kristel_freeman⁠ Via @officialkavyar

The main point of revealing clothes as a concept more than just a fashion choice it to go further than choosing what to wear on a night out, but to make a whole statement out of it in a way that it’s not just body positive, but also sex positive – something that still needs a lot of attention from us as a society. It forces all viewers to acknowledge not just the female form and body in all shapes and sizes, but also the ways in which they inform sensuality. We are seeing a lot of young people, specially Gen Z, embracing sassier, sexier styles as a sign of empowerment, showing how they own their body and their sexuality – and how other people have nothing to do with it. It is a bigger deal for women, as it is about flipping the male gaze and changing people’s minds and beliefs on how one should dress, but it also goes for young men: it’s about embracing their true selves, even if it goes against societal norms.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that sexy in the new decade comes as something that can simultaneously be genderless, barely-there pieces, wet-look, see-through gowns, and teeny tiny dresses that looks straight out of a cartoon, because when you think about it, the last years have been very disruptive, and world-changing, so it’s only natural that fashion does the same. Time repeats itself and this ne sexy take is doing to 2010’s minimalism what y2k did to the 90s and replacing it with a whole new thing. At the end of the day, beyond design, material and form, it’s all about confidence – and it might be exactly what we need to feel our sexier, best looking selves.

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lekor adams
lekor adams
Feb 01

The popularity of revealing clothes in contemporary fashion begs exploration, much like the enduring appeal of Strauss LA's workwear since 1948. As a German family enterprise, STRAUSS has consistently developed robust technical work attire, adhering to exacting standards. Similarly, the fascination with revealing attire mirrors the desire for self-expression and fashion evolution. The iconic red ostrich emblem of the STRAUSS brand, serving as a symbol of distinction for the creative class in Europe, parallels the allure of fashion trends that captivate and define cultural aesthetics. In both cases, whether in workwear or fashion, the enduring legacy of quality and creativity remains at the forefront of consumer preferences.

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