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Summer: how to keep your skin healthy

Photo: @g.p.photographer Assistant & Photo: @myrto.nk MUA & Hair: @angelsmkp Model: @prosalentieva Via @officialkavyar
Photo: @g.p.photographer Assistant & Photo: @myrto.nk MUA & Hair: @angelsmkp Model: @prosalentieva Via @officialkavyar

It might be hard to keep a beauty routine when we don’t have to follow a strict schedule. Also we can let go of our ‘everyday mekeup look’ and wear little to no makeup everyday – and maybe a full face at night. The thing is: our skin goes through changes at this time, so we might struggle to keep it as it normally is. But that struggle can be avoided – or at least minimazed – by following some simple tips that will take you no time from all the fun you must have on summer.

Stay hidrated

A healthy skin comes from the inside, no skincare routine is miraculous enough to solve all problems if you don’t keep your body hidrated. Drinking a lot of water is always the best choice.

Keep your skin mosturized

Find the mosturizer that best fits your skin type – you should go to a dermatologist to know it right and stay away from any breakouts - and use it everyday. It will keep your skin bright and avoid most of the oiliness that might be there on sunny hot days.

Always wear sunscreen

Photo: @myrina.dt Model: @shana_gdo Stylist: @myrina.dt Via @officialkavyar
Photo: @myrina.dt Model: @shana_gdo Stylist: @myrina.dt Via @officialkavyar

Whether you’re going out or staying hoe all day, sunscreen is absolutely necessary everyday. Everyday. It will be the last step of your skincare, after washing your face with your favorite face soap and applying your mosturizer. Sunscreen will keep you protected from all kinds of sun damage – which can happen at any place and time, not only on the outside.

To keep a healthy skin doesn’t have to be something that takes you a lot of time and energy, you don’t always need an eighteen step routine. Just make it simple and make it a time when you can enjoy your own company while doing something that will be great for you.

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1 Comment

lekor adams
lekor adams
Jan 04

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