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Two For One: Y2K Is Going Along With The Denim Trend

'As we saw the rising popularity of denim pieces and even full looks, something else caught our eyes: we’re not letting go of y2k fashion anytime soon'

Photo: @estelar_fotografia⁠ Model: @aniolekka⁠ MUA: @roksana.piasecki⁠ Via @officialkavyar

Denim is an absolute trend by itself righr now, with all the it girls even wearing head to toe outfits of the fabric and with the launch of several new denim collections, we all could follow as the material became a strong focus of all the fashion pack in October – a special thanks to the return of the Moschino jeans line, the collaboration between G-Star Raw and Rose Bertram and streetstyle, of course. So while denim features were being spotted all over SS23 catwalks – and I’m talking big fashion houses here, such as Givenchy, Diesel and Balenciaga – the industry and the biggest pilar of its fortune, the people, were also showing their love for the upcoming trend in the streets, specially during the most famous fashion weeks like Milan, Paris and Copenhagen.

Model: @stylishplanner⁠ Photo: @photo_mice_mx⁠ MUA: @itsiianmk⁠ Via @officialkavyar

And as we saw the rising popularity of denim pieces and even full looks, something else caught our eyes: we’re not letting go of y2k fashion anytime soon. The biggest, most hyped trend of all 2022 is still coming on very strong and assuring its place in the fashion spotlight, so some of the signature elements from the 2000’s are being combined with lots and lots of denim in a mix we didn’t thought we would love that much. So hang tight to those low waisted pants and denim mini skirts – they're all coming with us to 2023, just with some other new things. But as we’re mainly talking about denim here, let’s go over the most popular, trendiest styles we could think of according to, well, everyone in the streets.

First off, going in the same direction as the shiny fabrics trend we have shimmery denim. And they did not come slowly, actually, the very first glimpse of shimmer on denim’s horizon was seen in the return of completely shiny materials – guess we are really going for it – and before we could make up our minds about it the metallic jeans were back, whether it came in classic denim in shades of blue, in black or with a statement, radiant silver. They’re a full outfit by itself so there’s no need to go hard or the tops and shirts, so the best way is to combine the style with more denim and have it from top to bottom or go the opposite way and wear it with contrasting, neutral pieces. But if yout thing it to make an entrance and you want to really spotlight the look, you can hop on the two for one trend and add pieces to go with the Y2K colour palettes, going for shades like all tones of pink and baby blue. The next style is camouflage jeans, so I’ll give you some time before we get into it – might be a controversial one, but if Em Rata is wearing it can only be a big deal.

Photo: @evansdwayne⁠⁠ MUA: @daaimahyusuf⁠⁠ Model: @aylencaamila⁠⁠ Hair: @enchanted.hairvanity⁠⁠ Via @officialkavyar

Now that we’re all ready to discuss it, I’ll calm you down a little: this colour palette is now usually seen on jeans with typically camouflage-esque prints. Mostly spotted in plain models with grey tones often present, the trend came in a way that’s a lot more approachable than the classic military look of green and brown – those seem to be more popular among men. The camouflage jeans are not loved by everyone – the whole camouflage print isn’t, actually – but I believe we can grow founder of it when it comes with great styling and matching. For example, for what we saw, camouflage jeans come in a combination with tops that have the same or at least pretty similar colour as the print’s staple colours, which gives the look a certain casualness without the impact of a original camouflage piece. The outfits are also often put together with third pieces, like long coats and loose jumpers added over the top or with the use of short jackets and crop tops contrasting with the typically wide-cut trousers allowed for a fun, different play-take on the silhouette. Actually, contrasts are also a thing in this trend – and I mean a contrats of denim on denim. Mixing up some other fabrics and different denim elements together into jeans can create something with even more variety and contrasting materials will spice up the classic denim pants – also, it will never fail to create different effects and styles, it all depends only on the application.

And as I said before, hang on to the mini denim skirts you probably got this year – and maybe get yourself some short jeans shorts. Those little pieces of denim fabric were very on show for something so tiny – and of course the low waited ones are still popular, we’re still talking y2k, but the ones we saw were not all that low. But they were all over the place, whether they came dyed and with a belt in a punky style, or in a little more casual combination with a long-sleeved top. The thing is that the options were wide-ranging and very, very popular. But as some people don’t really like to wear skirts, the mini shirts are an alternative that is also present – just in a different take to match the energy of wearing shirts. They are usually combined with close-fitting pieces, like a sporty jacket that comes also in denim or a shirt with a tank top. It’s a great option for everyone who wants to stay trendy and stylish without trying too hard and putting a lot of energy into it – sometimes the best thing is to go for the basics.

Model: @stylishplanner⁠ Photo: @photo_mice_mx⁠ MUA: @itsiianmk⁠ Via @officialkavyar

The following topic is another one that can be very controversial for some people, so I’ll let you take your time again. Are you back now? Because here it goes: boxer shorts – I'm not a big fan of it myself so maybe I’m just talking about myself. But a good thing is that this trend is not exactly about the piece itself, but more about how they are worn now. As we saw in previous seasons, the thong has been a visible garment in womenswear for a while now, once again making the exposed underwear a trend – and taking it back from its noughties origins. It hasn’t changed, but now trousers are also slipping down the hips in menswear, creating fits that show off boxer shorts. There was mainly two types of boxer shorts that we spotted as streetstyle must-haves; the first is a body-hugging silhouette in tight-fitting boxer shorts with an elasticated waistband showing off, and the second is a casual interpretation with a more bulging shape. Them being worn with both tight jeans or baggy pants, the really important thing about the tight boxers is that they are combined with a cropped top as the whole point is to draw the focus to the lower half of the body. Now for the other option, the trousers either sat so low that the boxer shorts were visible without any further styling, making them the whole outfit, or the underwear was pulled a little higher so that the top could be tucked in. We have discussed denim before, we have discussed y2k before. But it’s the first time we’re discussing them as a unique, whole thing in a long time – and I’m loving it.



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