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Using Fashion to tell a story

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Photo: @kris_alexandridi_photos Model: @anorexpoly Access: @katya.zadumka Fashion: @hollywood.dresses_marika.korde MUA & Hair: @angvox Via @officialkavyar

A few days ago, when I was scrolling through the last photos we got to publish, I found this editorial that really made me think and got me very inspired to write. It was about Greek Mythology and ballet, and it tells a beautiful story that you can see and feel just by looking at it.

The story was being told through the photos, and it was a fashion editorial.

That’s when it hit me: fashion does tell us things. More than the human history, we can use it to tell especific stories, we can use it to cause empathy and make people feel things. That’s the real power of seeing and using fashion as art.

Photo: @kris_alexandridi_photo Model: @anorexpoly Access: @katya.zadumka Fashion: @hollywood.dresses_marika.korde MUA & Hair: @angvox Via @officialkavyar

Everytime you see a fashion editorial, it is telling you a story. Of a brand, of a collection, of a photographer. What makes one different is when it tells you something more, something that makes you think about others or about yourself. To see something so beautiful that makes you stop everything and look at it just to admire what’s in front of you. That’s when you can feel the story being told.

If you use your grandparents and your parents clothes, that’s your family story. If you use the same clothes that you were wearing on the very first day you met your significant other on the day of your wedding, that’s your story. People have been using photography and plastic art to tell stories since it has been created, so why not use fashion to do the same? It gives you the chance to combine different types of art in order to create something amazing for you and for everyone that will see it.



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