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Viktoria Kharchenko: Quality is one of the most important factors in photography

Photographer: Viktoria Kharchenko
Makeup Artist: Irina Nersesyan @irinanersesyan
Actor: Vesta Burkot @vesta_burkot
Model: Olga Miromanova @immangosteen
Model: Mariya Klochkova @mary_k_official

Viktoria, could you briefly introduce yourself and tell about your first acquaintance with photography? Who influenced the way you started photographing?

My first acquaintance with photography was probably about 5 years old ... if you count the acquaintance that I remember. My grandfather photographed all childhood, I have a record number of family photo albums at home.

You understand the implications of this. But the desire to take the camera in hand arose only 20 years later, when a friend asked me a strange question, he did not know my family, but for some reason asked: "Why don't you take pictures?»

What remained to answer such a question?))

The next day I bought a camera and here is the result.

What, in your opinion, are the most difficult aspects of professional beauty photography?

I think there are no most difficult or simple aspects here, but there is a difficulty - to see in the model what I, as a photographer, can and want to show in the photo. There is not always such an opportunity or desire. But when it is possible to consider this, at times elusive, emotion, then it is no longer possible to stop the creative impulse.

As an expert, what are the unique features of this type of photography and the keys to it?

In my opinion, the main feature of beauty photography is the photographer's ability to see in the model what she will be surprised and delighted to see her photo and of course show this hidden beauty to the World.

How, in your opinion, is beauty perceived in the modern age? What does photography mean to you personally and what really makes a woman or a man beautiful?

Beauty is inherent in every person and the perception of beauty in any person and by any person, in my opinion, depends only on how much a person has learned to see the beauty in himself. Only if a person sees the beauty, sexuality, charm hidden in his own body, he will be able to see all this around him.

What models do you prefer to shoot with? Why?

I prefer to shoot with models who are burning with ideas more than me. The reason is very simple, when it is interesting for models, shooting is a breeze.

Are you looking for any other photographers? WHO?

I very rarely communicate with my colleagues.

You're about to do a photo shoot, can you tell us about a typical planning process for your images?

A typical stage in image production planning is to find a location that reflects the idea and is the place of inspiration, be it a photo studio or an outdoor location.

Your photos are not only crisp and well-lit, but also perfectly editable. What's your retouching / production philosophy?

My philosophy in photography is that quality is one of the most important factors in photography.

What advice would you give to models looking to expand their portfolio?

For models looking to expand their portfolios, I would like to encourage them to go beyond their usual image and constantly try new things, new genres and posing styles, and also try to get involved in projects that may be outside your comfort zone for you, but which can teach to discover new facets.

What projects are you working on next and what are your goals for the future?

There are a lot of projects and plans now. There are several non-beauty projects in the development, this is a new niche for me, which I am now mastering and actively introducing into my creative life.

Where can we see more of your work and talk to you?

More of my work can be seen soon on Instagram @



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