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ANNA: My brand identity is bright creative makeup with focus on details

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Anna, how did your career begin in the world of beauty?

I started my career as a makeup artist 3 years ago in the best school in Belarus [@tomina_studio]

How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists?

My brand identity is bright creative makeup with a focus on details, bold stylish and modern images, and high-quality and technique work.

Anna, what is the most exciting or challenging opportunity you had as a freelance artist? What's the project you are most proud of?

I am proud of being published on the magazine’s cover @imiragemagazine, as well as numerous publications in this magazine. I am also proud that our work was approved at once in the magazine @malviemag, it is a huge honor for me as a makeup artist.

I was also invited to become a speaker in a marathon for makeup artists, participated in the [@protextureawards] [@trendsof_beauty] award, was invited to become a Judge of the online championship "STELLAR BLOSSOM" in the field of Makeup.

Looking back, how has make-up artistry changed or influenced you as a person?

Makeup totally changed my life.

I became a much more open person due to communication with clients, thanks to my job I stopped being shy to make stories on Instagram, and I became a more liberated and creative person. I love makeup and my job with all my heart and soul.

How do you keep up with all the new trends and styles? Where do you pull your inspiration from to help you with your work?

I am constantly following new trends. I read fashion magazines such as @voguemagazine] @malviemag @imiragemagazine and others. I look at the images of stars on the red carpet, visit master classes of famous stylists and makeup artists, get inspiration from beautiful works of colleagues, from lovely girls, new cosmetics, new clothes, and accessories, and study numerous photos on Pinterest, participate in beauty marathons.

What do you think are some of the keys to being a successful makeup artist?

The key to success goes through a lot of work. You need to work hard, at the very beginning work for free, improve your skills with top makeup artists, practice and improve makeup techniques, cooperate with top photographers and stylists, not be afraid to try something new for yourself, and buy best cosmetic products, but the most important thing is sincerely to love your job!

Why is shooting for cameras and lights, different than everyday makeup?

Makeup for a photo shoot differs from everyday makeup. Bright, bold makeup is absolutely unsuitable in the office of a large company. On the contrary, for a creative photo shoot, it is better to give preference to a bright unusual image. When going on a date, give up the idea of too "flashy" makeup; sweet, not haunting makeup is better for brides. Bright neon makeup will be suitable in the club or on the pages of a fashion magazine.

Why is having an MUA essential to a photographer?

The importance of makeup for the photographer: Firstly, the makeup artist uses professional cosmetics, which last longer and give a more pronounced effect. Tonal products are denser, the pigmentation of eye shadows is stronger, lipsticks are more resistant, etc.

Secondly, the makeup that you are used to doing yourself may absolutely not be suitable for shooting, I will explain why. Many people in everyday life like to matte their face with powder and other means to avoid the shine of the skin. The camera also likes a healthy glow and volume, which can be achieved by contouring, using highlighters, bronzers, sculptors, etc. A face with a mattifying foundation or powder in the pictures is likely to look like a flat pancake.

Also, in everyday makeup, some neglect lipstick, and in photos it is fraught with an unhealthy appearance, especially if you have naturally pale lips. And cracks and peeling on the lips are almost impossible to remove with Photoshop.

What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to women?

The most important advice that I want to give girls is to love yourself, take care of yourself, be confident in yourself, do not stand still, but always develop and then you will conquer this world!

What are your future plans/goals for the next couple of years?

In the coming years, I want to master the profession of a hairstyle stylist, as well as bring my techniques to perfection by studying with the best teachers. I also want to open the best makeup studio in my city!

Where can our readers keep up with your work and get connected with you?

You can follow my work in:

Instagram: @anna.shik_mua

Facebook: @anna.shik.mua

VK: @anna.shik_mua

Model: ANITA @anita_sova

Makeup Artist: ANNA @anna.shik_mua

Photographer: Romanova Darya @ph_darya_romanova


You can read The MAIN ISSUE Vol. 26 here:



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