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Brazilian model Elle Ferraz turned her passion for beauty into business

Since the dawn of human life on Earth, our skin has been exposed to different levels of light. Recently, due to the unavoidable consequences of modern life, humans are not exposed to adequate levels of natural light during the day, but are overexposed to relatively high levels of artificial light during the day and night from smartphones and other screens. The skin is one of the main targets of oxidative stress and the link between aging and oxidative stress is connected by factors caused by this exposure.

Aware of this new problem, Brazilian model Elle Ferraz decided to seek a solution and with the help of a team of professional advisors managed to develop a product line with efficient formulas in combating the harmful effects caused by the light of electronic objects on the skin. She created a simple routine in which, through 2 daily steps, it is possible to protect yourself.

The line consists of two products, a cleansing foam and a super efficient multiple serum. The products have been dermatologically tested, are of plant origin and free from animal cruelty. The products are suitable for all skin types.

The model gathered a team of investors and raised around 200 .000 euros to create the dermocosmetics company situed in the state of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

To combat these effects, Jus products use the active Oxigeskin, which restores the skin's recovery process, decreasing the appearance of free radicals and increasing the HIF-1 oxygen sensor.

Blue light is visible light. Found in sunlight and on TV, electronics, tablets, cell phones and artificial light bulbs. They have a wavelength between 30 and 500nm (considered short),

and has a lot of energy for this reason. Light can cause tiredness, headaches, impair sleep, skin damage and even damage to the retina (eyes), especially in prolonged use of electronics or places lit with artificial lamps.

Until now, the products are on sale in Brazil, but we are sure that this tendence is about to invade the world, as blue light is a worldwide situation.

Before to became a business woman, Elle Ferraz made a great career as model. She worked for the best designers and brands in Brazil, United States, France and other countries, but now she is focused in her brand that is already a huge success in Brazil. By the instagram, Elle shows the backstage of her life, beauty, business tools and her beautiful family.

Model: Elle Ferraz

Publication: Nexxt PR @nexxtpr

Photographer: Pedro Dimitrow @pedrodimitrow



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