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Ethereal Beauties of Modern Time

Updated: Jan 19

"In the kaleidoscope of modern photographic artistry, there exists a luminary whose visionary gaze transcends the confines of conventional imagery, daring to unfurl the tapestries of fashion's grand narrative with a stroke of ingenuity and an unparalleled depth of artistry. To peer through the lens of Jaime Lim is to embark on a transcendent odyssey, where each frame pulsates with the rhythm of timeless elegance and resonates with an ephemeral beauty that defines the very essence of today's modern time."

Photographer: Jaime Lim @liquidstarphotography

Model: Katie Bozner @realkatiebozner @Aston Models

Makeup Artist: Reyna Khalil @reynakhalil

Fashion Designer: Anna Gupta Couture @annaguptacouture

Model: Kate Bozner @realkatiebozner

Makeup Artist: Sherry Owens @beautybysherryo

Model: Rylee Spinks @rylee.spinks @The Dragonfly Agency

Model: Gaga Kenes @gagakenes

Model: Jazzika Dunn @smooooothjazz


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