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Exclusive interview with Tabea Bußmann

Photographer: Tabea Bußmann @tabeabussmann_photography Model: Laura @Laura._radler Other: Agency @Flaretalents
Photographer: Tabea Bußmann @tabeabussmann_photography Model: Laura @Laura._radler Other: Agency @Flaretalents

When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a photographer?

It was a process. I started modeling when I was 14 years old and had a camera for doing self-portraits. So I came in contact with photography set ups this way and I began to take pictures of other people more seriously. Besides my psychology study, I started to invest more and more until I knew that's what I want to do too. My grandmother told me lately when I was a child I saw things in my environment in "a special way", so she knew I would do something visually creative later. That's why she bought my first camera when I was 14. So I think she saw something I didn't see at this time.

How long does it take to create one of these wonderful works?

It depends. Usually, my shooting takes one hour of planning, three hours of shooting time, and about two hours of post production. But there are projects where you shoot for at least 8 hours.

Has your vision and style evolved or changed over time?

Of course. I think it's like songwriting or painting. When you begin you think you're already doing a great job but when you look at it three years later you feel sorry for everyone you showed your "art" haha. But it's a process and you never stop evolving.

If we could ask the model, what would she say about you and your work?

I hear often that my professional models prepare for crazy fashion poses and that they never know what's going to happen while shooting with me ( in a good way ). They know I will probably hold something like a prism in front of my lens and you can bet I will sing to a Taylor Swift Song. I have always a very good time with them and it's a great opportunity to build friendships because People Photography is related to psychology. You can see in the picture how you made your model feel like and people show their insecurities and strengths unconsciously as soon as a camera is pointed at them.

What are the biggest challenges of working during this pandemic?

When people need to save their money they don't spend it on art a lot. But I can make the best out of this time by planning projects and visiting workshops.

How has the covid-19 pandemic affected your shootings and business this year?

There have been a lot of " Can we reschedule our shoot because of covid…." messages but fortunately, we have access to free Covid-19 tests in Austria so I can realise projects with my agency Flaretalents because everybody is very aware of the situation. I am happy that I can see my friends this way during the pandemic.

What do you like about MALVIE Magazine?

I really like that the MALVIE Magazine is open for different creative looks and you can find diversity in the published images.

Describe your perfect day off when you are not shooting?

When I'm not shooting I'm looking for the next idea I want to realise while drinking too much coffee and listening to podcasts. Taking singing lessons is also a great balance when you sit in front of a laptop most of the time. Because the university is online now there is even more time in front of the screen these days. Also, I'm putting a lot of effort into videos for social media lately. So my day is never really off because my work is also my hobby.

What are your goals for the near future and do you have any exciting projects you want to share with us?

I want to do some Beauty Shots with crazy hair and focus on more storytelling. There will be a lot of people involved so hopefully, it will be possible soon, I am glad that the vaccination is available now. Thank you for having me. I'm looking forward to having another publication in the MALVIE Magazine in the future.



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