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Francesca Vitaliani: I do love simple things of life and life itself

Happy to have you here, Francesca. Tell us your story, how did you get started modeling and where is your home at the moment?

Hi everyone and thank you for having me. At the moment I live in Verona, Italy. Yes, It's also Romeo and Juliet's home town! I started modelling when I was eighteen , a photographer scouted me while I was walking down the street .

Tell us more about yourself. What else do you do next to modeling?

I'm very interested in nutritionism, fitness, travelling, music and... pet rescue ! We must protect our little friends.

What do you love most about being a model? And, what do you least enjoy?

I appreciate very much to have the chance to get in touch with high level professionals in terms of fashion, design, makeup and hairstyling. Every time you can learn something new.

What is the most challenging being a model?

Being mind flexible and humble , one casting can be positive and one other not, but that's life and there's always a new door just about to be opened.

If you could change something in the modeling world, what would it be?

I' m very happy that nowadays every kind of people and genders and skin colours are welcome. Plus, I really hope that everybody, watching a picture, may understand that there's a team behind that face , mua and stylists , and the importance of their precious touch. It's a team job.

What fuels your imagination and provides you with inspiration?

I'm definitely inspired by the photos published by Vogue, made by the most iconic photographers of the nineties , for example.

What keeps you excited about life in general?

I'm a very grateful person, each and every day I wake up I enjoy my cup of coffee, my cat, the fresh air from the window. I do love simple things of life and life itself.

Looking back how has modeling experience changed your personal/professional life? Have you grown more comfortable with yourself since you have started?

Sure, modeling can absolutely help you to get the perception of yourself once you see your pictures or videos.

What kind of life would you like to have?

I really would like to be able to help people that are not so lucky . Expecially children and many old people that sometimes are very lonely for several reasons. Someday I hope to be useful in this field .

What are the achievements you are proud of most of today?

Having been able to respect my inner values and never betraying them . The way can be longer, but it worths.

Where can our readers keep up with your work and get connected with you?

They're welcome on my Instagram profile, francyvitaliani, as well as Facebook , Francesca Vitaliani model and speaker.

Agency: Model&model International Agency Fw @modelemodelagency
Hair & Makeup: Fabiana Graziani @fabiana-graziani
Model: Francesca Vitaliani @francyvitaliani
Photographer: MyriamTisbo @anellomancante
Makeup Artist: Gaia Gazzolo @gaiagazzolo
Jewelry Designer: Lesunja Fine Jewellery @lesunja
Model: Maria V @mariamaria1
Assistant/Hair Stylist: Lucafrancesco Cutecchia @lucafrancesco.cutecchia



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