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Greg Alexander: I dreamed of becoming a plastic surgeon

Creative Director: Sebastien Vienne @sebastienvienne
Photographer: Greg Alexander  @mephistophelesproductions
production: Production Méphistophélès 
Makeup Artist:  Carine Larchet For Larocheposay & Eugène Perma
Hair Stylist: Elisabete Godart for Eugène Perma & LaRoche Posay 
Makeup Artist: Benoit Claverie @claveriebenoit
Fashion Designer: Ziad Nakad @ziadnakad
Model: Marion @metropolitan 
Model: Eve @karin 
Model: Angeline @elite

Greg, can you tell us more about yourself and how did you get involved in the photography business?

I’m 100% autodidact, but interested in photography and fashion since I’m a teenager . I started in the business as a model . I worked in Milan , Paris , New York , and then going on the other side of the camera was of course easier because I had already the connexions ….and a lot of people in the business encouraged me to continue after seeing my pictures .

You have created a unique artistic style. Tell us about it and how you developed it.

As a teenager, I dreamed of becoming a plastic surgeon, in order to preserve the women from the ravages of time. Becoming a photographer, I continue this dream of perfection because for me the photograph is a kind of plastic surgery which ables to modulate a face ad infinitum! My vision of the beauty : fragile, transitory, a little kitsch and inevitably fatal.

In your opinion, is it fair to alter reality by adjusting images in post-production? And what do you think it delivers in the final image?

I have a « old Hollywood style » way of seeing things . I like when everything Us perfect , the light , the decor , the models, the hair and then makeup . We are creating something in order for the audience to live and see a dream not the reality ! There was a time when stars were real stars and not your neighbor :) and I think it’s totally ok to retouch images ! Everybody knows it’s adjusted , but who complains about the special effects in a cinema blockbuster ? Post production Is just adding some magic to the image .

What inspires you and what gives you ideas to create your beautiful images?

Travel and different cultures are of course a source of inspiration ! But it can be the meeting with a model , the theme of the collection of a designer , or a movie …we just have to open our eyes , beauty Is everywhere .

How do you balance your style with a client's vision?

After so many years in the business the clients are coming to buy what I do , my style , my signature , my vision . I like to have « carte blanche » when I work .

What project(s) are you especially proud of? Why?

In 2017 I created with art director Sebastien Vienne a production and press agency : Mephistopheles .

This is a project that I am very proud of . We understood that for a designer , it’s very important to have 1 team that is taking care of everything. . We are representing 12 designers from all over the world : France , usa , Poland , Australia , Vietnam , Cyprus , Switzerland , Italy Greece …and it’s a great proud to see new designers grow !

Fashion shoots are all about teamwork. Tell us what is like for you to work with stylists, models, and other creatives.

We are working as a family . We choose stylists , hairstylists , makeup artists who can fit into our philosophy . I need to trust 100% my team , ans share with them the same vision . Like for exemple pour head makeup artist Carine Larchet . We know each other since 19 years , we started together , and beside business we share the same life philosophy : respect and hard work .

What role does social media play in your photography business?

A huge part ! Today we can reach the world through social media ! And the contact is much easier too !

Where can we see more of your works and get connected with you?

Generally I do one exhibition per year . The next one will be in Greece this Summer .

You can follow me for more infos on my Instagram @gregalexanderofficial and of course on @mephistophelesproductions



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