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Harmony in Frames: A Journey from Music to Photography – An Interview with Tatiana Petrouskaya

Can you share a bit about your upbringing and how your parents influenced your interest in creativity and the arts?

I was born in Minsk. In a family of beautiful and emotional people, where they loved creativity very much. Despite the fact that my mother was a geography teacher, she was good at playing the piano and singing. And dad, an engineer, was very fond of photography.

Growing up, you were exposed to dancing, music, and choir. How did these early experiences shape your artistic journey?

My mom took me to dance and choir four times a week to develop my plasticity, sense of rhythm, ear and voice. And, already as a child, I decided that I would become a singer.

Could you tell us about your musical background and how it led you to become a soloist for the National Academic Orchestra of Belarus?

I graduated from music school and the Academy of Music. After that I became a soloist of the National Concert Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus. In the orchestra I performed various popular music. Every year we prepared new programs dedicated to famous personalities, artists and composers. It allowed me to expand my horizons in art, to try and study different directions. I also wrote music and recorded my songs, which became popular in my country. I took part in competitions and festivals, as well as television projects such as "Song of the Year" and "Dancing with the Stars".

What prompted your transition from music to modeling, and how did that period contribute to your overall artistic development?

Of course, I did a lot of shooting as a model for posters, publications in the press and so on. This taught me to take the best angles in front of the camera, to keep myself natural and relaxed. After all, a singing career is a lot of creative directions in one). And I was happy with that period of my life.

Four years ago, you decided to pursue photography. What inspired this shift, and how has your previous experience as an artist influenced your approach to photography?

After a while, I got a family, had a child. And at a certain age, ended the official career of a singer. I believe that a woman needs to realize her feminine beginning and her destiny as a wife and mother. So when my family needed to move to Belgium for four years, I chose to be a wife and mother and followed them. But you all know that a creative person cannot sit still. And sooner or later, creativity will require some form of realization. And having returned from Belgium in four years, I realized that the world of photography from my childhood attracts me, where my father, closed in a dark room, developed films and hung them on clothespins))))). After all, there was no digital photography back then. And I began to learn photography. And of course, I realized at once that I wanted to shoot only people! Their life, their inner world, their dreams. That's why the genre - portrait photography - chose me!)))))))

How do you describe the role of photography as your "window into the world of people's souls and emotions"?

After all, photography is a road to the world of human souls and emotions. The photographer looks through the lens directly into the soul, and the camera only successfully captures the moment when a person reveals his heart to the photographer.

With a background in music, modeling, and photography, how do these diverse experiences complement each other in your creative expression?

In order for all the factors to come together, my vast experience as a singer, model and photographer helps me. After all, for a person to open his or her heart, a photographer must have experience, a rich inner world, if you want, even be a psychologist, so that there is a close emotional contact with the client. After that will follow postproduction photo, where the photographer's philosophy, style and taste will be clearly visible. And all this is a combination of his life path, upbringing, education, views and beliefs. That's why I always say that it's very important to find your own photographer, who is close to your worldview and perception.

Currently based in Rome, how has the change in location influenced your artistic perspective and the subjects you choose to capture in your photography?

Now I live and shoot in Rome. Italy is a country of ancient history, diverse architecture and landscapes. It has everything, the sea, the mountains, the cities... This gives photographers a huge scope for work.

You specialize in portrait, street, wedding, and reportage photography. What draws you to these specific genres, and do you have a favorite?

In Italy, I dipped into my favorite genres - portrait, street, reportage and wedding. Rome is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, which means that the streets are bustling with life, filled with Italian atmosphere and diverse people. And I'm glad that I can dive into the "cinematic" possibilities of this country. And also in Italy the traditions are strong, so wedding filming became especially interesting for me here. In Rome I want to shoot a lot and make "movies about Italy" !!!! Which I do). And so I can't highlight one genre, I'm interested in anything that has to do with people.

Being published in various magazines and participating in competitions, how do these experiences contribute to your growth as a photographer?

It is in this, the Roman period, my photos began to be actively printed in magazines, placed on the covers and this can not but please, as a professional. Because any person is prone to doubts and crises and needs approval and confirmation of his professionalism. That's why I am pleased that I am in the top 3% Street Photographer, Top 100 Photographer Belarus, Top 50 Photographer Minsk according to World Awards 35. I am grateful for the collaborations with more than 30 magazines. And I have a favorite - it's L'attirance, it's the closest to my mood. I really like the style of selection of publications, the aesthetics of the photos in it.

In your opinion, how can the art of photography contribute to positive change in the world, balancing the portrayal of reality with a desire for beauty and harmony?

I am convinced that the art of photography can contribute to positive changes in the world by balancing the picture of reality with the desire for beauty and harmony. Skewed to either side is not good. Peace is a balance between reality and the pursuit of something. And it is important that this "something" should not be aggressive, envious, ugly and shouty, but open, bright, reasonable and harmonious. And it is cinema and photography that can influence the view and mentality of a person who is in a constant race of survival, opening to him the world of the beautiful.

Finally, what advice do you have for aspiring photographers who are looking to make a meaningful impact through their work?

It seems to me that every person who picks up a camera should feel responsible for what he or she brings to the world and how his or her work will affect people and space. First of all you should have something to say to the world, and for this you need to read a lot, watch, think, try - to gain base, emotions, experience and life wisdom, and most importantly - soulful generosity and kindness, which a real photographer is obliged to share!))))))

Makeup Artist: Alena Samusenko @samusenko_muah

Photographer: Tatiana Petrouskaya @primavera_photoroma



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