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Holiday Season: The Best MakeUp Looks To Get This Party Started

'After what seemed like way too many months of Zoom calls and office days, we're all ready to wear our most dramatic holiday looks.'

Photographer: @vmoptik_photoart_⁠ Model: @oumoupriv⁠ Makeup Artist: @marinela_marinkovic⁠ Via @officialkavyar

Now that we’ve talked about the greatest trends for holiday fashion, it’s time to complemet it and talk about something equally important – and just as cool: makeup. Winter is one of our favourite times of the year for many reasons, but when it comes to makeup it is even greater as we no longer have to worry about our faces melting off in the heat, and because the town is expected to be covered in white snow, the more color in our eyelids and faces, the better. So this season, after what seemed like way too many months of Zoom calls and office days, we're all ready to wear our most dramatic holiday looks – the fashions trends are very extra so I guess we can only match that energy.

To prepare for the season ahead, we did our homework as we searched and researched for the top tier makeup looks that will be everywhere the next days. So if you still don’t know what look you’ll be doing for the next upcoming event – or if you just want to stay informed – I got you! Come with me to break it down. Keep in mind that this season has everything to be the most dramatic yet in terms of makeup, so don’t be surprised with the things you’re going to see next. But don’t worry, there are some not-so-extra looks for the ones who want to keep it casual.

Starting off strong, we have graphic eyeliner or futuristic glam - as the cover of this article, already combined with another trend in the following. The graphic liner is not news anymore after we’ve been seeing it all over our social media and social events for almost a year now – and even doing it ourselves – but there’s a new take to it, of course. Now they’ve grown into a look that’s equal parts futuristic and red carpet worthy, and what could be better to start the season than looking like a celebrity from the future? I think it gives the perfect vibe. With just a sweep of rosy shimmer, graphic liner, and a pop of red on the lips and then you have a combination of more than one of the year’s most hyped beauty trends – while it’s guaranteed to get you some looks whenever you wear it. Another option is to do a red liner and add some gems to it or make it metallic, and if that’s your choice you can go a little slower on the lips – or not, go all in.

Photographer/Creative Director: @mr.hstudios⁠ Stylist/Model/Hair Stylist: @44amyhope⁠ Retoucher: @retouch.juliach⁠ Makeup Artist:⁠ Retoucher: @ckimaging⁠ Accessory Designer: @zadajewels⁠ Via @officialkavyar

We also have a vintage comeback on the list, love it or hate it: silver eyeshadow. It might not be for everyone but it’s a total go-to-look for some, giving it its spot on the holiday most populars for the ones who want to try the trend early – it's expected to actually get really important next year. Silver eyeshadow can either create a full glam, statement look or be really soft, romantic, and impactful. This look will take you from work to happy hour to a holiday party without the need to do any changes if you don’t want to, and when combined with pinky lips and blush it’s a look you can use all year-round. When it comes to metallic tones, cream eyeshadows are usually best and you can even add some glitter if that's your thing.

Another controversial comeback, blue eyeshadow is also coming for the spotlight now – guess it makes sense when we think about all the nostalgic trends we had this year. Actually, all colours are expected to be popping soon, but shades of blue will be on the favourites list. The real deal here would be to match the blues tones with red lips as there’s something deeply romantic about red-ish lips and powder blue lids. This somehow great, but unlikely combination has a subtle take of the 80s glam, but as we make the eyes winged and the lips pop, we’ll be right on style for any modern day event. If you think about it, it’s even kind of a new take on the classic wing-plus-red-lips.

Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: @kinga.jasinska_art⁠ Photographer/Retoucher: @monika.m.megan⁠ Model: @tanya.lazovik⁠ Fashion Designer: @wiolettapodsiadlik⁠ Via @officialkavyar

Now that we’ve discussed some of the more dramatic looks, let’s get started on the simple, safe options, like the glowy skin. One that can be combined with any other, this one is so great that is a whole makeup trend by itsef – you got it right, just making your skin glow will put you in fashion. After many years of full coverage, people started to turn in the opposite direction and make their skin look like skin – thus the popularity of skin tints – a look that promises to make everyone look younger, fresher and more natural. And now that we’re in the ‘looking natural’ conversation, here is another one: soft romance. The look is usually done with some beautiful apricot-nude monochromatic makeup that really makes an appearance when well done. Because we’re not going for any kind of heavy foundation, the skin preparatin is a big part of achieving the right look —hydrated, moisturized skin is always the key for that dewy glow. Also, try to reach for cream products as they settle more naturally on the skin and use some creamy blush onto your cheeks, lips and lids for your easiest holiday makeup ever.

Makeup is supposed to make you look your best, but more than that it should make you feel your best – specially in a time made to celebrate and have fun. So choose your favourite trends, maybe combine some of them together and create the look that best suits your style and social calendar – don't be afraid to try new things and get out of your comfort zone!



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