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Holiday Season: Let’s Break Out The Best Ways To Stay Trendy

'This year’s fashion ideas are all about bringing us bold colors you can wear to create a head-to-toe look that will make sure you make an entrance in any event.'

Makeup Artist: @lisachamberlainbeauty⁠ Photographer: @mariagrinchuk_⁠ Model:@therealaubdizzle⁠ Wardrobe Stylist: @sadakova.yulia⁠ Via @officialkavyar

December is here and we can already hear the jingle bells, which means the holiday season is already up on us - and if you’re a fashion girl, you just kow this is the season for sequin dresses and sparkly outfits. This year’s fashion ideas are all about bringing us bold colors you can wear to create a head-to-toe look that will make sure you make an entrance in any event. Also, it’s a time for having option so wether you’re looking for the perfect holiday vacation wardrobe, some sexy Christmas lingerie, or comfort clothes and pajamas for relaxing by the fire, we’ll make sure to find your ideal fit in the middle of all this year's holiday collections – all mostly revolving around statement dressing, as designers have been incorporating a range of sparkling accessories and shimmery, shiny fabrics make their way onto the spotlight.

If you’re excited about holiday fashion – or even the holidays in general – I'm sure you have not started to look for your perfect set of clothes now, but if you’re still in the search, you'll find here plenty of inspiration as we break down the season's hottest trends together. Come with me as we find the one you’ll best identify with.

makeup Artist: @emanuela.mua⁠ Photographer: @sergio_aldacorphotoofficial⁠ Wardrobe Stylist: @mariannafemiano_⁠ Model: _sselly_01⁠ Via @officialkavyar

Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ Disco

As we know we’re all going for the shiny and glittery, it shouldn’t be a surprise when I say that the disco inspired looks are back – and very poopular, by the way. The whole context could be enough for the disco style to be in fashion again, but it comes very handy when Beyoncé, one of the biggest artists alive, releases an entire album that sets the perfect tone for the looks. Embracing the general desire to reunite with family, friends and all loved ones and dance and celebrate, the aesthetic scenes in the music videos – somme made in the iconic Studio 54 nightclub – set the way to promise a very shiny return to the old times of disco, with lots of vintage inspiration coming from the controversial 70s, even bringing back the hedonistic spirit of the era in a very flawless way.

To pay our respects and homage to the disco era in a modern way, there’s now a new take on sequined halterneck jumpsuits, chainmail bags and high-shine dresses. There is also the possibility to create some contrast – while also adding a touch of even more sparkle – with space-age-inspired accessories or to go in with some Barbiecore pink to keep it in today’s aesthetics and style.

Photo: @andres.mcrea⁠ Stylist: @s.asile⁠ Model: @cloonyforbes⁠ MUA: @tiaratinocobeauty⁠ Via @officialkavyar

Don’t Be Afraid Of Feathers

An all time favorite of holiday fashion, feathers are not out of the option here, actually, they have been given new life this season: they’re now coming in colorful tones to adorne every kind of outfit set. It goes from all our favourite minidresses to cute pajama sets, not leaving the elegant loungewear behind – so much that it’s not even just for clothes anymore, feathers are popular even in footwear now. If you don’t want to wear them on your body, you can go for the sandals and complete the look with them, Don’t be afarid to go all-out with the style! It’s promised to perfectly blend playfulness and luxury glamour.

Make The Whole Place Shimmer

Giving kind of the same vibes of the disco aesthetic – with maybe just a little less vintage to it – we have a not-so-new trend: shine on. Go all in into the involves shimmery pieces that are meant to turn some heads and get some looks at any dinner party or local bar. The range goes a long way such as from a glazed metallic corset to sequined cutout minidress if if want to make shimmery your whole look or from a top-handle bag in crushed metallic leather to a silver foil trench coat if you just want to get some attention by your accessories – both ways will look great. Also, we’re still into the cutout trend, so you can combine them together and have yourself a cutout piece all edged with embellishments to turn them into something even more statement-making.

But if you think all those things might be too much and want to go with the good, old holiday basics, I got you covered too. I mean, the basic does work and cliches are cliches for a reason, right? So let go of the super-trendy styles and go for what you know is going to work for you – and still look your best. For example, you can never go wrong with red for holiday season, so you can always make the safe, beautiful choice of wearing something in bright red – even though they do look gorgeous in shiny fabrics or sequins, so like, two for one if you may. Hoewever, if sequins really aren’t your thing, deep red in burgundy velvet are always handy for a classic, stunning appearance. Yet another way to look fun and fashionable during the in holidays is to combine a button-down metallic blouse – in really any colour you favour – with a pair of jeans or pants, paintsuits and jumpsuits are also in the game, same as suit sets. It really is a time for everyone and at the end of the day to stay trendy is to adapt things while still feeling like yourself.

creative art director: @ashprofoto photo: @spb.owl muah: @jeni_makeup dress: @olgabogdanova2177 model: @mv_mary Via @officialkavyar

Maybe color isn’t really your thing and you want to stick with the neutrals – I know I would have every clothe in black if I could – and if that’s the case we have atrend for you too! You’ll love to hear about it when I say you can create your elegant, classy look in white – withouth seeing off fashion. To make it happen, all you need is an oversized sweater tp combine with a pair of knit pants in white tones such as cream, ivory, or even white white. Add some boots – maybe with fur in it if you’re feeling boujee – to create a chic and cozy outfit. You also have the option to don’t go full white and adorn a denim jacket with a button-down white-ish blouse. Keep in mind that those are too very good options to make your holiday-winter fashion debut!

And for the oneT who can’t seem to leave the sexy behind during the winter and want to take it to the snowy times, we have lingerie as a very good friend here. From cute pajamas to wake up in during Christmas morning and open gifts under the tree to actual sexy lingerie, we have space for all. Lingerie as going out outfits is a trend by itself now so we lucky little people can pair it with our favourite holiday pieces. Also, is a gret option for a secret santa with your closest friends.

With all that being said, it’s time to start planning your holidays while is still kind of early and be ready for all the fun times ahead with these fashion ideas – something here must’ve inspired you. Take all this in and don’t forget to add your favourite kind of shoes to complete your look. Also, accessories are always welcome and will add a touch of style to your outfit.

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