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IFAT SHEREZ: Photography is a means that allows me to express myself in varieties of interpretation

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

To begin, where are you based? How long has photography been a hobby and career of yours? What motivated you to get started?

My name is Ifat, and I am a photographer from Israel

Anyone who knows me knows that I have always loved designing visual experiences and telling the story in my own way.

For me, Photography is a means that allows me to express myself in varieties of interpretation

A few years ago, I decided to make my dream come true and specialize in photography

Photography is an integral part of our lives everywhere and at any time: personal and family moments, professional development, social circles, and more.

Good photography motivates me and creates a great desire to know the world of other people to help them express their feeling of the moment, without the need of written words

In your own experience, what are the biggest challenges for an independent photographer?

The biggest challenge for a freelance photographer is to know how to adapt his photographic language to the preferences of the subject. Understand who is facing him and produce the perfect match

For the purpose

Photography has power. The camera separates us from reality and in the same second it also brings us closer to it and allows us to see and experience it in a way that is unique to us..

From your experience, what is the key to getting the best out of a model?

In my sessions, I first focus on the way the model relaxes, connects to himself and to the situation.

A good image is one that knows how to express and reveal things that are beyond what our eyes can see

Before beginning I have always a conversation with the model, learning about the things that are important to him, what they want to show, high light or to blur.

Then I bring my added value from my own point of view takes it a step further.

What are you usually looking for in a fashion model? What is an "aha" factor for you?

A fashion model does not have to be perfect. I have seen quite a few models who on a daily basis do not look as they do through the camera lens.

The ability to communicate with the camera and dedicate itself to it is the most important factor.

I guide and lead and create a calm and relaxed ambiance and as soon as the model dedicates himself to the camera, amazing things come out

What would be your tips/advice to models looking to expand their portfolio?

Searching for novice photographers in Facebook or Instagram groups who are looking for models to expand their portfolio. This is a win-win situation for both parts

Collaborations are very common in this business area and very productive.

In your opinion, what makes the good picture to stand out from the average? How do you choose which images you provide to your clients?

The secret in photography is to capture the moment. Out of 100 photos, at least 1 good and special can come out. I never decide on the day of the photo shoot itself, which photos are selected, I go through them several times. The second time always discovers something I did not notice the first time.

In your opinion, how beauty is perceived at the present age? What does beauty mean to you personally and what really makes a woman beautiful?

Beauty is in the eye of each of us. everyone can see beauty differently but will agree that self-confidence transmits over beauty and the camera loves it more than eye color, hair color or body shape.

That's my job-

Give people confidence in front of a camera, encourage them, and show them their experience in it.

We admire the exquisite level of detail in all your works. Does your creative process start from a certain image in your mind, or do you seek inspiration as you progress?

It all starts with an idea or inspiration but on the way to execution, I change things precisely and even get ideas from the models themselves on the set.

My belief is that photography needs to be flexible and flowing. Once you have an idea you can start changing it.

What are the technical challenges of this kind of photography and how did you overcome them?

There will always be technical challenges. That's the beauty of photography. They decrease as there is more experience in different situations.

I like to consult with colleagues, it enriches me always.

Sometimes, in challenging, conditions unique images are created in a very surprising way, without having thought about it in the first place

What has been the highlight of your career so far and what are your hopes/dreams for the future?

As a person, I never stop dreaming and always aim for new goals.

as soon as I achieve the previous one I am already for the next step.

Where can our readers keep up with your work and get connected with you?

You can follow me on Instagram –

And on my new website that will be published soon.


Model: Tori Kum @tori.kum_

Makeup Artist: Natalya Gur @natashagur.makeupartist

Hair Stylist: Hair: Alena Zhiznevskaya @zhiznevskaya_hair



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