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In Focus: The Art and Ambition of Rotem Nahmias in the World of Modeling

Can you tell us about your journey in the modeling and talent industry so far?

My journey with UDM agency in the modeling and talent industry has been incredibly rewarding. Starting as a newcomer, I've been nurtured and guided by some of the best professionals in the field. I've had the opportunity to represent various brands, both nationally and internationally, and each experience has helped me grow and refine my skills. I'm grateful for the opportunities and mentorship I've received at UDM, and I'm eager to continue evolving in this exciting and creative profession.

Could you share more about your experience shooting various products such as lingerie, jewelry, cosmetics, and network advertisements?

Shooting various products like lingerie, jewelry, cosmetics, and network advertisements has been an enriching experience. Each type of product requires a different approach, and I've enjoyed the challenge of adapting to diverse styles and concepts. Whether it's capturing the elegance of jewelry or the allure of cosmetics, I've worked with talented teams to bring the vision of the brands to life. These varied experiences have not only honed my skills but also deepened my appreciation for the creativity and collaboration that goes into each project.

How did your partnership with UDM Agency in Israel come about, and how has the agency contributed to your career growth?

My partnership with UDM Agency in Israel began when I was scouted at a fashion event. Since joining the agency, I've been provided with invaluable support and opportunities that have significantly contributed to my career growth. A key figure in this partnership has been Uzi Buba, the owner and main agent, who has been personally accompanying and helping me. Uzi's expertise, dedication, and hands-on approach have not only guided me through various projects but also instilled in me a deeper understanding of the industry. From personalized guidance to connecting me with top brands and professionals, Uzi and UDM as a whole have played an integral role in shaping my path in modeling, fostering both my professional development and confidence in this competitive field.

What draws you to product photography and representing different brands in advertisements?

As a model, I believe that I'm not just posing for a camera but conveying a message or a feeling that resonates with the target audience. Working with various products and brands allows me to explore diverse aspects of art, fashion, and marketing, and I find the challenge of adapting to different styles and concepts both stimulating and fulfilling. I enjoy the collaboration with photographers, designers, and marketing teams to create something visually engaging that also speaks to the values and identity of the brand. It's rewarding to know that my work can influence how people perceive and connect with a product, and I'm continually excited by the endless possibilities within this field.

You've been described as having never-ending good energy, a captivating smile, and a noticeable presence. How do these qualities help you stand out in the industry?

These qualities have significantly contributed to my success in the modeling industry. Having never-ending good energy means I approach each project with enthusiasm and commitment, always ready to give my best, no matter the long hours or the challenges. This energy is often contagious, creating a positive environment on set, which I believe leads to a more productive and enjoyable work experience for everyone involved.

My captivating smile is more than just a physical attribute; it's an expression of my genuine passion for what I do. It helps me connect with the camera and the audience, conveying emotions that go beyond the superficial. I think a smile can be a powerful tool in modeling, allowing me to infuse the images with warmth and relatability.

As for my noticeable presence, I feel it's a combination of confidence, uniqueness, and the ability to adapt to various roles and styles. In a field crowded with talent, having a distinctive presence helps me stand out and leaves a lasting impression. It helps me to embody different characters and to represent various brands in a way that's engaging and memorable.

Together, these qualities not only make me versatile and approachable as a model but also contribute to a strong and distinct personal brand. I believe that they allow me to add value to the projects I'm involved in, not just as a model but as a collaborative and creative partner.

Could you recount a particularly challenging photoshoot experience and how you overcame it?

During a particularly challenging photoshoot, we were faced with unfavorable weather conditions while shooting outdoors. The wind and rain made it difficult to achieve the desired look, and the entire team was under pressure. Despite the obstacles, we collaborated, adapted our approach, and stayed focused on our goals. I relied on my training and experience to maintain composure in front of the camera, while the rest of the team made necessary adjustments. In the end, we managed to capture some incredible shots, turning a challenging situation into a successful and memorable experience.

How do you maintain your motivation and desire to succeed in such a competitive industry?

Maintaining motivation in the competitive modeling industry comes from my passion for creativity and self-expression, combined with a clear understanding of my goals. I focus on continuous learning, personal growth, and collaboration with talented professionals, which keeps the work fresh and inspiring. Embracing challenges as opportunities and celebrating successes, both big and small, fuels my desire to succeed and thrive in this exciting field.

What advice do you have for aspiring individuals looking to enter the modeling and talent industry, based on your personal journey?

Build a Strong Portfolio: Start by putting together a professional portfolio that showcases your versatility and unique style. Collaborate with photographers and makeup artists who share your vision.

  • Find the Right Agency: Research and connect with reputable agencies that align with your goals and values, like I found with UDM. They can provide the guidance, opportunities, and support needed to grow.

  • Embrace Rejection: Rejection is a natural part of the industry. Learn from it, and don't let it deter your ambition.

  • Stay True to Yourself: Maintain your integrity and authenticity. Choose projects that resonate with you and don't be afraid to say no when something doesn't feel right.

  • Take Care of Your Health: Mental and physical well-being are paramount. Keep a balanced lifestyle to ensure you are always at your best.

  • Stay Patient and Persistent: Success may not come overnight. Stay committed to your path, celebrate small victories, and continue to push towards your dreams.

With your distinctive personality, how do you think you bring a unique perspective to the world of fashion and advertisements?

My distinctive personality allows me to bring a unique perspective to fashion and advertisements by infusing my own creativity and energy into each project. I strive to connect with the audience on an emotional level, reflecting the essence of the brand while adding a fresh and individual touch. Whether it's a bold expression, a subtle nuance, or a playful approach, I believe my authenticity resonates with people and helps make the campaigns I'm part of more engaging and memorable.

What aspects of the modeling and talent industry resonate with you the most, and what draws you to these aspects?

The aspects of the modeling and talent industry that resonate with me the most are the creativity, collaboration, and opportunity for self-expression. I'm drawn to the creative process where ideas are transformed into visual art, where teamwork with talented individuals from various backgrounds brings a concept to life. The chance to embody different characters and tell stories through images or performances allows me to explore different facets of myself and connect with audiences in a unique way. These elements together make the industry not just a profession, but a fulfilling way to engage with the world and share something beautiful.

Looking ahead, how do you envision your evolution within this industry in the coming years, and what goals do you strive to achieve?

Looking ahead, I envision my evolution within this industry to be one of continuous growth, diversification, and deeper engagement with projects that align with my values. My goals include expanding my portfolio into different types of modeling and acting, collaborating with brands and creators that inspire me, and possibly mentoring aspiring talents. I also strive to use my platform to advocate for positive change within the industry, emphasizing inclusivity and authenticity. Ultimately, I aim to leave a meaningful impact through my work and inspire others to pursue their dreams with passion and integrity.

In your view, what does success in this industry mean, and how do you continue to define it for yourself?

Success in the modeling and talent industry, in my view, goes beyond fame and financial rewards. It's about personal growth, creative fulfillment, and building meaningful relationships with colleagues and audiences. For me, success is defined by staying true to myself, continuously evolving my craft, and participating in projects that resonate with my values and artistic vision. It's about making a positive impact and finding joy in the process. By keeping these principles at the forefront, I continue to define success on my own terms, ensuring a career that is both satisfying and aligned with who I am.

Agency: UDM agency @UDM agency

Photographer & Owner: Uzi Buba

Model: Rotem nahmias @UDM agency

Makeup Artist: @Shely__k



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