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Lost in the Matrix

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

"In March of 1999 the Wachowski sisters introduced us to world governed by a definitive and insidious obfuscation. Tackling themes of control, choice and resistance, The Matrix became an instant success flaunting its dystopian view of the future. Though fantastic in execution, this premise was not new, nor was the fundamental argument based in fiction. Governmental control and secrecy are not only prevalent in our reality but are common and ubiquitous occurrences. The notion of our leaders “pulling the wool over our eyes” is customary to the position and is to be expected when governing a nation. Furthermore, those in control wield obfuscation and confusion as a weapon, archly using its power to defer uprise and revolution. However, there are a few individuals who inherently question this status quo and never bow down to injustice or slavery. These brave souls are often labelled as heretics or rebels, but in fact, are heroes, paragons to a brave new world of choice and conduits of change. Choice is our birthright and must be treasured, let that choice be sexuality, religion, or outlook, it is our right to choose which makes us human."

Actor: Peter Loung @peterloung

Model: Adriana Runee @adrianarunee

Photographer: Natasa Nastova Panova @nastovaphotography


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