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Love yourself

Olga, you've been a photographer for 16 years now. Can you tell us about how you started your journey in photography?

I began my photography career with wedding photography. I've always been drawn to the celebratory atmosphere and capturing the joyous emotions in photographs.

When I moved to Miami, the festive and vibrant ambiance of the city, especially at Miami Beach where I reside, further inspired me. Preserving the most beautiful moments of my clients' visits to Miami brings me immense joy, whether it's a family photo shoot, a maternity session, a love story, or a proposal. Additionally, Miami hosts numerous fashion shows that I attend regularly, and each encounter fills me with new energy and inspiration.

Your work seems to encompass a diverse range of subjects, from models to everyday women. Could you share more about your approach to photography?

Absolutely. While I have experience in the fashion industry, I approach all my clients as models. I firmly believe that anyone can step onto the runway of life, regardless of age or size. This belief inspires me to conduct bold photoshoots with any client. I love showcasing the beauty of the women I work with, showering them with compliments, and highlighting their best angles. I continuously study posing techniques and fashion trends, and I'm delighted to share these insights during my photoshoots. Witnessing the happiness on my clients' faces, especially those who may doubt themselves, brings me immense satisfaction. Moreover, seeing my photographs published in magazines is an additional source of joy for me.

Certainly, I'm incredibly proud of Anna Maria, a bold and self-loving individual. She serves as an inspiration to many, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to feature our work together in Malvie Magazine. If our collaboration can inspire the readers of the magazine, I would consider it a great achievement. Furthermore, I extend an invitation to anyone planning a visit to Miami to experience an unforgettable photoshoot with me. Perhaps, some of the readers of Malvie Magazine will find themselves gracing its pages through our collaboration. With love from sunny Miami Beach, Olga Serdinskaya.

Photographer: Olga Serdinskaya @usa.olya

Model: Anna-Mariia Semeniuk @a_m_foxy



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