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Lucifer and the redemption of the damned angel

Lucifer, the bringer of light (from the Latin lux=light, ferre=bear), is the new protagonist of the shooting "Lucifer and the redemption of the damned angel" by Franco Taranto, set in the beautiful Canton Ticino in Switzerland. The choice of investigating and reinterpreting this figure known throughout the world as malignant stems in Franco Taranto precisely from the contradiction between the meaning of his name and his role: how in fact can an angel bearer of light be the leader of the underworld?

The story goes that Lucifer was the brightest of angels; he resided next to the Lord and was the Cherubim, always paired with the Archangel Michael. The two figures are depicted by the photographer with large white wings and light veils, also white, adorning parts of their perfect bodies and making them immaterial. They are accomplices, living in harmony and reflecting in each other, illuminated by the light of dawn, which is Franco Taranto's favourite because it allows him to capture details and places that until a short time before were not visible and resided in the shadows of the night; this symbolises a new awareness triggered by divine light, which comes from above and makes everything sharper.

But unfortunately, at a certain point, the idyll is interrupted. Lucifer finds himself leading a revolution, accompanied by a host of angels against the designs of the Lord, who is defended by the Archangel Michael together with other angels; these succeed in defeating the rebels and plunge them into eternal darkness. Franco Taranto dedicates a close-up to the two protagonists of the dispute: their large white wings all of a sudden turn into malignant black wings, the light around them becomes gloomy and they are enveloped in a mist as they fight in a chaotic atmosphere, characterised by black and gold cloths flying through the air as if mad, aimlessly, moved by the wind created by the rapid beating of the wings and the violent movements of the warrior angels. Thus Lucifer from being an angel 'bearer of light' becomes the prince of darkness and of the host of angels who dared to confront God's plans, while St. Michael, who contrasts humility with Lucifer's pride, is elevated to the highest heavenly hierarchy, becoming the symbol in defence of the Holy Trinity.

And right here, Franco Taranto sees a different ending: according to legend, Lucifer has fallen to the centre of the earth, while the photographer of light gently slides him into a place dear to him, the Sherrer Park in the Canton of Ticino. It is precisely in this space on Lake Lugano belonging to the Gardens of Switzerland (which brings together the most beautiful gardens in the Confederation) that the artist uses his shots (other locations marbles of Arzo, Valle Maggia, Cadenazzo, Piacenza, Sardinia) and allows the viewer to take an exciting journey through time and space, where past and present, history and nature come together harmoniously. Here, Lucifer and the angels loyal to him begin a new life, bringing back to Earth the harmony and love that reigned in Paradise; the black and gold cloths that used to fly aimlessly through the air now dance gracefully around their bodies surrounded by lush, protective nature. During their fall, they have been transformed, they have lost their wings and are aware that they can never return up there, but what they have not lost is their divine dimension, which can be found in their perfect bodies, in the headdresses that adorn them, but above all in the depths of their souls.

This idyllic scene cannot fail to include a female figure, symbol of rebirth and love, who initially consoles Lucifer grieving and lying on the ground in a scene that recalls the iconography of the Madonna with Jesus in her arms. With her sweet words, she instils inner strength in him and encourages him to get up, to find his angelic soul within himself and to be guided by it in this new life on earth. For Franco Taranto, the woman represents love and sweetness, but above all strength. And so it is that at a certain point she stands up, extends her hand to him and encourages him to get up, to look beyond, while unleashing true inner strength through a cry to the sky, imposing, showing everyone that life goes on. This is how this other beautiful journey evoked by the photographer of light "Lucifer and the Ransom of the Damned Angel" ends: Lucifer and the female figure accomplices in this new life and ready to discover every corner of nature, posing together and building a new world together with the other angels who have fallen from heaven.

The female figure is always present in the artist's works and is depicted with authority; a feisty, strong woman who has the power to give life. This is the message that Franco Taranto always conveys in his shootings; he is the founder and president of the non-profit association Victims of Beauty, founded in 2017 and based in Massagno, in the city of Lugano, and aimed at improving the conditions of women victims of violence.

Fashion Designer: DESIGNER OXANA KOLESNIKOVA @oxana.k_ok

Model: Doris De Palo @dorisdollys

Photographer: FRANCO TARANTO @francotaranto_photographer

Agency: NEW FACES MODEL AGENCY LUGANO @nfmodelagency_swiss

Makeup Artist: Franziska Lerch @franziskalerch



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