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Nasifa Gabrie Model, 1st Runner-up Puerto Cortes Miss Honduras Universe 2021

Photographer/Retoucher: Dawin Rodriguez @dawinrodriguez

Photographer: His_imagez @his_imagez

Wardrobe Stylist/Creative Director: Jeyson Garcia @jeysongarcia

Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Paolo Divaldi @paolodivaldi

Makeup Artist: Maria Angelis @maria.angelis

Makeup Artist: Mayra Gomez @mayra_gomezg

Hair Stylist: Angelo Fared @angelo_studio

Photographer: Mel Denis @meldeniseph

Hair Stylist: Art Of Beauty @artofbeautyyyy

Accessory Designer: Giulia Bohemia @giuliabohemian

Creative Director/Wardrobe Stylist: Jose Luis Victoria @victoriajoseluis

Model/Fashion Designer/Retoucher: Nasifa Gabrie @nasifagabrie

Photographer: Saul Larios @iamsauling


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