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Natasha Zakamulina: Don’t think, and move on.

Photographer: Natasha Zakamulina @nata_ph
Wardrobe Stylist: Milalee @leemilaya
Fashion Designer: Varda
Makeup Artist: @Sasha_aks_mu
Model: Veronika Efimova @v_eronika03 @Finch

Natasha, can you tell us more about yourself and how did you get involved in the photography business?

I came to photo from long searching of what I want. I hitchiked a lot and did a photo so after I came to home I decided to study it

How did you mode specifically towards fashion and beauty photography? What does fashion mean to you?

Since childhood I was looking TV especially fashion channel and was wonder of how beautiful it is. And fashion for me is the way to say something about me, about world, about everything

Natasha, how would you describe your photographic vision? What kind of look do you try and create in your photos?

I usually try to show art in my works, how it can be in life, how I can draw by photo

What inspires you and what gives you ideas to create your beautiful images? Can your ideas change depending on the model you are working with?

I was inspired by painters from 19-20 centuries. Painting art is my favorite.

Could you take us through the typical planning process for your images?

How happened usually: I have idea, I try to show it in life by mood board, I find people and we create, after I do my post production in art mood

Would you have any tips for non-models on how to look good in front of the camera?

First just be sure, if smth will be wrong-photographer tell you. Don’t think, and move on.

What project(s) are you especially proud of? Why?

I am proud of my work of 90 in Russia, we show whole pain of it

In your opinion, what makes the good picture stand out from the average? How do you choose which images you provide to your clients?

I look on what client want and try to choose this.

Where can we see more of your works and get connected with you?

more of my works you can see in my Instagram nata_ph



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