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Obsession Collection

"Our Obsession Collection Limited Edition Lipsticks are forever inspired by the one-of-a-kind women we meet and see all around the world, we have created this Limited Edition Obsession Collection to celebrate you. For women who adore to be striking, sensuous and luscious, while making their ancestors proud and inspiring their future generations.

Crafted using our premium formula, which effortlessly glides onto the lips to nourish and soothe keeping you looking flawless and iconic in one stroke. Uniqueness is at the heart of Willow Rose. Move through your day with confidence and flair knowing your lipstick shade is exclusive to create a precious moment in time.

Our Willow Rose exclusive and premium lipsticks are brought to life by our partners around the world. We combine the best expertise in design, ingredient sourcing, formulation, concept design and laboratory design from Switzerland, France, and Italy for a one-of-a-kind experience."

Creative Director: Willow Rose @willowrosesbeauty

Photographer: Oksana Baranchykova @oksy_photo

Makeup Artist: Yuliya Zykova @yulechkazykova

Luxury Cosmetics Designer and Producer: Willow Rose Cosmetics @willowrosecosmetics

Model: Willow Rose @willowrosesbeauty

Wardrobe Stylist: Yulia Fedorova @yulia_photo_milano


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