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"Everyday life is only the repeated succession of instructions to be carried out over time. These doctrines are put into practice day by day in order to pursue the intended results. We live in a continuous and depriving loop. Technologies support this cyclical process, but in the end they do nothing but oppress human value, giving only the illusion of being able to have control over nature and its primordial essence.

At a certain point the inevitable happens: the breakup.

Patterns are shattered, walls collapse and embankments overflow and what emerges is that ancestral need to discover the real substance of things, a need that arises within the human being, also an animal. What emerges from these rubble is that survival instinct, inherent in every living thing, which gives the power to rediscover the true nature of the world, giving value to the essential.


Origins is an introspective path that tends to search for one's deepest self, leaving out the heterogeneous set of behavioral models that society imposes every day.

The oppression of a life channeled into specific systems erases the awareness of how perfect the beauty of Nature's (complex) simplicity is.

The project is a path to be taken in order to get to know one's soul, freeing the life of each individual from all that is not essential. A journey to discover one's origins.

The goal is to totally immerse yourself in an unknown environment, but at the same time familiar to ourselves. An element like stone, blind and deaf, allows us to interact better with all the senses, in order to reach that inner light of which we are frantically searching.

The protagonist finds himself catapulted into this hostile and uncertain environment, but from which he manages to find the right key to be able to survive. At first he is frightened, confused and agitated, in fact sadness and fear manifest themselves, as feelings that are the result of the unknown. Gradually a path of knowledge of the surrounding environment begins and all the darkness disappears, bringing out the awareness that drags man out of this inner oblivion, to the point of triumphantly governing him."

Photographer: Giandomenico Veneziani @jeanven.official

Model: Isaac Santos @_santos.isaac

Wardrobe Stylist: Mariantonietta Amoruso @mariantonietta_amo

Makeup Artist: Irene Carulli @irene.carulli

Writer: Claudia Carulli @clo_caru

Fashion Designer: Saverio Maggio @verdemaggio


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