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PREMIERE: Italian Model Turned Rapper Raffaele Capuano's New Single, "Camera 301"

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Italian model Raffaele Capuano releases new rap single "Camera 301", which the song highlights his very lonely lockdown of 2020 in Italy.

Agency: Claudia Greene @mayhementertainmentpr
Photographer: Francesco Zinno @fraznn
Creative Director: Mayhem Entertainment Public Relations @mayhementertainmentpr
Model: Raffaele Capuano @south.rc

Can you give us a little bit of background of how your career started? Getting into

modeling and getting into music?

Well, my modeling career started basically in a strange way, because I was walking

down the street in Capri and a big designer named Francesco Scognamiglio stopped

me and asked me if I would like to be a model. From there, he signed me to

D’management Group modeling agency and I began modeling. Later on, I was signed

to Elite Models here in Italy. Music has always been a passion of mine. Unlike modeling,

I treated music more like a hobby at first. It was more of a form of therapy for me than a

way to make money. I created music to release stress. Since the quarantine in Italy, I

started to take it more seriously and began recording in my home studio. From there, I

have been working on several songs that will be featured in my EP.

We love your new song “Camera 301”, can you tell us what it’s all about? How did

you come up with the concept of the lyrics?

So, “Camera 301” was created during my time in lockdown here in Italy and the lyrics

reflect on the time spent by myself. The beat is dark and the lyrics are melancholy which

describes the sad vibes during my period of loneliness at home alone. 2020 was definitely a

time of transition for me as I spent a lot of his time in my home studio perfecting my songs. The song talks about a guy spending his time alone and his yearn to be with the woman he

wants to spend the night with in a hotel room numbered 301.

How would you describe your music style?

It is trap, melodic, fresh, and upbeat.

What has been the best moment of your career so far, and how did it make you feel?

Doing a photoshoot with Victoria Secret model Sara Sampaio has been the highlight

of my career so far. She was great to work with. She is so kind, so fun, and one of my

celebrity crushes.

What skills have you learned that have helped you in your rapping career and

modeling career?

Some skills I’ve learned that help me in both careers of my life are to always listen to

your instinct. Trust your gut feeling and not what others want you to do. Only you know

what’s right for you. It is a mental skill to have the courage to drown out the outside

noise, opinions, and criticism.

Who are your most influential musicians?

Lil Wayne, Drake, and italian rapper Gué Pequeno.

What’s the most important thing you want people to know about you, your music and

your career?

The most important thing I want people to know is whatever I am doing I am always

going to keep it real. I don’t like being around fake people or people acting like they are

one way when they really are not. I may be blunt sometimes, but people at least know I

am honest. I like honesty, so with anything you do in life be your authentic self.

How do you keep yourself productive and retain your creative edge?

I stay productive by giving myself enough time to be alone in my own thoughts. I am

the most productive when I am by myself working and creating. That alone time helps

me tremendously, so at some part of my day, I spend time by myself to think.

Has it been hard establishing yourself in the fashion industry as a model? And if so,

what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced.

The biggest challenges I faced were in the beginning of my career. When you start

off, you are not making any money. It becomes difficult traveling for auditions, castings,

and to and from gigs. All those expenses are covered by you. If you do not have the

funds, it is harder to grow. Having that low budget made it difficult to keep the

momentum going. However, I came up with unique ways to make money and hustle.

What projects are you currently working on now (music wise or modeling wise)? And

what are your goals for the future?

Currently, I’m working on releasing my EP. I am hoping to release it by September! It

will feature my current songs, “Business”, “Fresh Zone” and “Camera 301”Modeling

wise. I'm hoping to get even better jobs this year. I also want to gain some muscle

weight and build up my body.

Where can we see more of your work and find you?

On social media. I post as often as I can. My instagram is @South.RC and my twitter

is @SouthRC1. You can also find me which is the official site for my

modeling career. You can find my music on Spotify, Apple Music, or any digital




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