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Rebelle Epoque

"The Belle Epoque was a period (1871 – 1914, heyday of 1900 – 1914) in Europe where the prosperity of the bourgeoisie reached a peak due to the industrial revolution in the middle of the 19th century. Central was political liberalism, faith in reason and belief in progress. Art (expressionists, cubists, futurists and fauvists) takes a stand against this material development. In addition, not everyone is doing equally well, a large group of workers live in difficult circumstances and women's rights continuated to be widely violated. There is a rise of women's rights movements, such as the Suffragettes in England.

This fashion shoot is inspired by the Belle Epoque, and an ode to the rebellious ladies of our times who championed our rights. I want to show that feminine and powerful go hand in hand."

Wardrobe Stylist/Photographer/Retoucher/Creative Director: Jane Dinmohamed

Model: Laura Bakker @portfolio.laurabakker

Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Annemieke Kroon @mua_miek


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