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Sabina: I dream of someday becoming a sought-after photographer

To begin, where are you based? How long has photography been a hobby and career of yours? What motivated you to get started?

I am from Russia, the city of Orenburg. I am an architect by education. I have been fond of photography since childhood. My aunt Tatiana gave me her love for photography. She was shooting with an old Zenit film camera. And I liked what atmospheric and beautiful shots she got. Over time, I began to shoot myself on a regular soap dish. I realized that I was doing well and then my parents gave me my first professional camera for my birthday. And since then, the photo has captured my head.

What is your dream in terms of your career?

I dream of someday becoming a sought-after photographer. Who will have a huge queue of customers. So that you can not take orders that you don't like, but work only for your own pleasure and create beauty. So that work in the first place brings only pleasure. and not dragged into a routine.

Has your vision and style evolved or changed over time?

I studied, practiced, and they started inviting me to shoot for money. Since then, my photos have become much better. I myself did not notice how cool shots began to turn out. I found my own style, my own approach to working with clients and models. I was told that I shoot well, but I wasn't sure if it was true. And only after my first works were published in a foreign magazine, I looked at my photos from the other side.

What type of models do you prefer to shoot with? Why?

Naturally, like all photographers, I like more liberated models who are not afraid to take some kind of wrong pose, who know how to transform and agree to any crazy ideas. After all, sometimes in the process of shooting, a completely unusual idea may come to mind, and it will turn out to be one of the coolest shots.

How has photography influenced you as a person and what do you love most about being a photographer?

Photography has changed my worldview. I began to look at people in a completely different way. I see their true beauty. And it often happens that a person may have large ears, which he is shy of, or skin defects. I don't see that. Or maybe not even like that! I don't see what a person should worry about. After all, excess weight, problematic skin or bags under the eyes are easy to fix with Photoshop and no one will see them in the photo. Only you and your true beauty will remain!

From your point of view, what makes the shoot successful?

The key to successful shooting is careful preparation. Thinking over the image, location. The model or client and the photographer may have different views of the same shooting. And in order to get an excellent result, you need an excellent team of specialists who will be able to turn your plans into reality.

What projects are you working on next, and what are your goals for the future?

Now I work with several modeling agencies. And during this time we shot a lot of interesting projects in which I acted not only as a photographer, but also as a stylist and decorator. I really like it, coming up with shooting from scratch and seeing the result of my work at the end.

I have had my own studio for 5 years. Where I keep learning something new. I'm meeting new people. I create my own projects. This is my place of power. That's where I get my inspiration. Over the years of owning the studio, I have learned to develop an approach to people with different characters and requests. I learned how to make high-quality shots quickly. Working with models gave the opportunity to try yourself in completely different styles and genres of filming. The most favorite for me to this day are portraits! This is my love!

Where can we see more of your works and get connected with you?

I publish my works on my Instagram page @sabina.volch and on the page of my studio @panorama.arthall, but even if we take all the works from these two pages, this is only a small part of all that I have shot during this time. Maybe someday, I'll share them all, but there are so many of them that it's just unrealistic

Model: Anna Yspanova @yspanovaa
Mua: Yevgenia Sizova
Agency: CLOVER MODELS MANAGMENT @clover_models_ru
Ph: Sabina Volchanskaya @sabina.volch
Location: Panorama Art Hall @panorama.arthall



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