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Saint Sinner by Sergey Po

You’ve been working in photography for over five years, what brought you closer to this kind of art?

I’ve been working in photography for over 30 years, and i don't remember exactly what brought me to fashion shots, maybe freedom of this kind of arts

What was your first ever experience as a photographer? Did you knew at the time that you wanted to work with this?

No. I did not know that I'll be a photographer. it was just interesting for me, more like new experiences in my life.

You make both portraits and artistic photography, what are the differences between taking those? Do you have a different preparation for each one?

my specializations is model tests and fashion, there are many differences in those arts

You do an amazing job with lightning, how is it for you? Do you like doing this kind of work?

I prepare to work with natural light, and yes I like it

What would you say it’s the importance of photography in society?

I don't think about it, it's very important for me

You have published your work on different platforms, what would you say it’s your favorite one: physical or web? Why?

Yes, I think it's my favorite platform become it's very simple. and now I see no difference between physical or web

How do you make your models feel comfortable with you and with the camera?

Sometimes we speaking a lot before shooting and i sure it helps

How would you describe your work for someone that has never seen it before?

It's just my style

Would you say that photography is a big part of your life? In which ways?

Of course, it's a very big part of my life, It's my everything

You have worked with a lot of photography styles now, do you still have something that you would like to try for the first time?

No, I think I chose my style a long time ago

With all the experience you have, what would be your advice to aspiring photographers who are just discovering themselves in the area?

I don't like to give advice, maybe don't be afraid to open your mind



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