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Steph Adams wins World Women Leader Award 2023

You recently won the World Woman Leader Award for 2023 by the Who is Who International Awards. Tell us about this?

It was an honour to receive this World Woman Leader Award by the Who is Who International Awards. My friend HRH Prince Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon received my award on my behalf as I was not able to be there.

The gala, which is run by Dimitrios Goris and Vassiliki Papageorgopoulou was a huge success and helped to raise money for victims from the recent natural disasters in Greece and the devastating floods. The award was crafted by talented sculpture artist Odysseas Tosounidis which is inspired by the Goddess of Victory; Nike.

Can you share some insights about your journey from being a model to becoming a best-selling author and businesswoman? How did your experiences in the fashion industry shape your career?

The model industry teaches you etiquette and how to present yourself through your style as well as how to carry yourself. Although what it doesn’t teach you is confidence. Models are often criticised so their self esteem takes a real hit. When I went back to follow my passion for art direction in the publishing industry, I built upon my skills in design and creative direction and I felt my confidence grow through this field because I just loved what I was doing.

You've achieved remarkable recognition in both the fashion and literary worlds. What motivates you to continue pushing boundaries and pursuing new ventures?

What really started to motivate me was the very book we created to motivate women all over the world; The Game Changers. Just hearing other women’s stories about how they kept pushing through when everything was against them. This very book gave me the courage to keep on pushing boundaries and pursuing new ventures.

Your work has been featured on billboards in prominent locations like New York Times Square and West Hollywood. Can you tell us about a particularly memorable moment from your career that stands out to you?

I’ve had many memorable moments, but that excitement that runs through your veins is what keeps propelling you forward. Some highlights I have had; When I shot my first editorial with Vogue in Greece as a young model, that was a big modelling moment for me and then when I started working at Vogue in the advertising department.

Putting together The Game Changers Book was a huge highlight and then when Fashion & Style became number #1 bestselling in France and bestselling in the US. These have all been memorable moments for me.

You've been featured in esteemed publications such as Times, Harpers Bazaar, L'Officiel, and others. Could you share a highlight from one of those experiences?

Shooting with L’official Monaco in Paris was exciting for me as Cartier delivered a $1 million dollar necklace along with two bodyguards on set for the cover. This was my first ever cover and it was a pivotal turning point in my career.

Women's empowerment is a cause close to your heart. How do you believe your work contributes to driving change and promoting equality for women worldwide?

We have kept on promoting women in all fields and our next book that comes out next year in 2024 showcases a range of talented women. Some women are involved in charities that help to feed women and children less fortunate and so I believe this is what help shed awareness.

You've received two prestigious awards this year, including the 2023 Global Recognition Award. Can you share what this awards means to you personally and professionally?

The Global Recognition award was awarded because of the range of women I have showcased across all fourteen books which include over 200 women. All from diverse backgrounds whose stories help to empower other women.

You've authored thirteen books, covering a wide range of topics. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind some of your most notable works, and how they reflect your personal values?

Usually I am looking for a book for inspiration, and if I cant find it, I create it.

As an Ambassador for luxury brands like Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, and others, how do you approach representing these esteemed names and what values do you seek to uphold in doing so?

it was a dream of mine, when Christian Dior first invited me to their show. All the values that are represented in Maria Grazia Chiuri’s work reflect what I have built my books upon; Women’s empowerment.

Being the granddaughter of Australian Queen's Counsellor Phillip Rennell Adams must have had a profound influence on your upbringing. Can you share a significant lesson or value that you've carried forward from your family's legacy?

I remember always being very proud of my families heritage even from a young age. My grandfather was a prominent man and when he spoke, you listened! He made many great decisions that helped America during the war. As well as bringing the drinking age down from 21 to 18 in Australia.

You started modeling at a young age and later pursued a Bachelor of Arts Degree. How did your education and experience as an Art Director contribute to your multifaceted career?

Honestly, it was really difficult to navigate between the world of modelling and working professionally in the publishing industry.

In addition to your successful career, you're also known for your philanthropic efforts. Can you highlight some of the charitable causes that are particularly important to you and why?

I have worked with many breast cancer charities and with Ralph Lauren Pink Pony as well as charities that help deaf and blind children.

With such a dynamic career, what advice would you give to young individuals aspiring to make their mark in the worlds of fashion, literature, and business?

Find what it is you are most passionate about and work from there. Find ways of being unique in your field.

You have walked the red carpet in Cannes and Venice Film Festival? How was this experience?

It's an honour to be on the red carpet during the film festival and showcasing different designers on the carpet. I also love watching the new films just coming out as well as meeting the talented people behind what brings these films to life. I have interviewed already Clint Eastwood and other producers who have made names for themselves in Hollywood.

Fashion Designer: Eleonora Lastrucci @eleonoralastrucciofficial

Model: Steph Adams @stephadams2012

Editor/Creative Director/Publication: Hrh Prince Nereides De Bourbon @nereidesdebourbonofficial

Photographer: Sheena Golani @sheeninfocus

Photographer: Lello Armmirati @lelloammiratiph

Publication: Dimitrios Goris

Makeup Artist: Makeup: Rodyan Quinonez @glamzii

Photographer: Hana Le Van @hanalevan_

PR & Media: Roger Fordham @stephadams2012



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