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Yuri Varesini: always stay in touch with creative people

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Yuri, could you please briefly introduce yourself, and tell us about your first encounter with photography?

My name is Yuri Varesini, I am 22 years old and I live in Como.

At the moment I am attending the last year of academy at Ferrari Fashion School in Milan, to became a professional fashion photographer. My passion for photography born when I was a child and my father showed me the wonderful photos was than my grandfather took in his photo studio.

The emotions I felt while seeing those photos were many, but the most think that I like was that I can capture a moment, a style or an emotion through a photo shoot.

What has been your most successful moment to date in your career so far?

One of the best experiences I've had so far was my first publication for an editorial magazine and it ended up on the cover. I was really proud of the result and what the photos were like.

How do you manage to make your models feel comfortable in front of the camera?

The approach I use with the models is to get to know them and connect with them. In this way I create a positive feeling that puts the person at ease. The advantages that these attentions bring to the person with whom I have to shoot, are those of having spontaneity, safety in your self and a better environment on set.

Describe please a day at a shoot, what happens and what is the trick to capturing a great shot?

When I arrive in the studio or on the position where I have to shoot, I immediately confront the team in order to prevent or fix any problems. Is essential communicate with each member of the group to obtain an excellent result.

Then I check all the equipment, the set lights and take a couple of test shots.

When the whole team and the model are ready, we organized a little briefing to talk about the attitude and the posing that will be in the shots. After then we can start the photoshooting.

What do you look for in a creative team? What key skills are you looking for to ensure you are picking the best artists to work with?

Creativity, versatility, commitment and passion are these winning elements for creating unique works with strong visual communication.

What would be some tips you would give to a beginning photographer?

The best advice I can give to a beginner photographer is to compere with the professionals, always stay in touch with creative people for have new input, and practice as much as possible without giving up.

What would be your tips/advice to models looking to expand their portfolio?

The main focus for a good portfolio is show the personal style. Personally I recommend to collaborate with photographers and stylists who know how to enhance the models and bring out the best in them.

In addition to being sharp and well lit, your photos are beautifully edited. What is your retouching/production philosophy?

I am in favor of post production, but not the one that is too invasive. I think that investing time on the photo can improve more the starting shot. I am convinced that, if you balance the retouching, the photo is much more spontaneous, unique and particular.

When I work I like to apply color correction, skin retouch and correct some little imperfections to have a photograph with an even stronger communicative impact.

If you couldn't be a photo

grapher, what would be your other

career choice?

If I couldn't be a photographer I would like to work with cars and become a racing car driver. Because another big passion of mine is cars and the whole world of motors.

What are your future plans/goals for the next couple of years?

My next goals that I would like to achieve in a couple of years are: have a personal studio where I can experiment with new techniques, to increase collaborations with new people and artist who teach me to improve myself and express myself even better. I believe it is important to expand one's points of view.

Where can our readers keep up with your work and get connected with you?

You can easily contact me via instagram: @phyurivaresini or via email at:

Stylist: Julia Wozniak @juolka00

Stylist: Jennifer Masper @jennifermasper_

Photographer: Yuri Varesini @phyurivaresini

Styling coordinator: Federica Meacci @federica_flor

photo coordinator: Marco Castellani @mark.castellani

Model: Vita Bolshakova @THE ONE @_.vitabolshakova

Producer: Ferrari Fashion School @ferrarifashionschool

Makeup Artist: Diadema Academy @diademaacademy

Creative Director: Riccardo Carrapa @riccardo_carrapa


You can read The MAIN ISSUE Vol. 24 here:



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