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Zhanna Tevakol: modeling has radically changed my life

Zhanna, can you please briefly introduce yourself? How your interest in the modeling industry has sparked?

My name is Zhanna Tevakol. I am a nutritionist by profession, but since young years I have always loved to wear beautiful clothes and high heels, match colors and accessories. Fashion it’s something I was always in love with, I was always inspired by style and bright colors of fashion.

Tell us more about yourself. What else do you do next to modeling?

Thanks to modeling,I started to learn in London Fashion college an a personal styling. My main work is nutritionist. I know how to combine ingredients correctly, how to substitute empty calories with healthy ones, give an alternative to sweets and introduce more activity into your daily routine. And what is most important, I can set the girls on a positive wave in changing their old lifestyle to a new one, charge them with vital energy and motivation. As a nutritionist and an aerobics instructor with 20 years of experience, I will help create individual nutrition programs so that girls and women can look fit.

What is your favorite thing about modeling?

Camera directed at me. It makes me full, joyful, important and versatile.I can transform: be a calmly feminine or vamp woman,bussines woman or simple woman and bring the art to the world. I want to convey the beauty of mature woman.

If you could change something in the modeling world, what would it be?

Well, of course, I would like to see more respect for the women of different social layers and different bodily constitution. The accent on what you convey, your message is that a woman of fifty doesn’t look worse than a woman of twenty five. And the Age plus models must have work.

Who is someone you feel has really influenced you? Why?

Ahley Graham. She is plus-size, but she is not ashamed of her body, on the contrary, she demonstrates all the folds, flaws, loves herself and shows the girls what the body is, that it is not a shame, you need to love yourself the way you are, and the world will respond to you. And thanks to the fact that she does not hide and does not exhaust herself with training, accepts herself for who she is, she received a response from the universe and became famous, became popular, broadcasting all that philosophy to the girls.

Since I am a nutritionist, it is important for me to convey to people the importance of a balanced diet as a way of life for well-being and health without radical diets.No need to exhaust yourself with diets. You need to accept your body and pose yourself as a plus size model, for example, with a proper nutrition.

Carmen Dell'Orefice, a senior model, if we are talking about age. It's cool to be an age plus model and be on covers, making photos for magazines. When a woman, for example, has lived her life being employed, after the retirement, she becomes feel out of society, and then she finds herself in demonstrating her beauty to the world already as a mature woman. She starts to make creative projects, as a result she gets busy, and becomes useful to the world and and to the art of modeling.

That any age now in the digital world brings income and self-realization for women, and, actually, at present time, there are no borders, neither by age, nor by weight, nor by countries and continents.

In your own eyes, how has modeling experience changed you as a person? What have you learned?

First of all, I began to feel better as a woman, to feel how I can present myself, how I can sensel myself. We learned how to walk, we learned femininity, we learned how to pose. I discovered in myself the feeling of loving myself and, moreover, I understood how to broadcast my personality to the world.

You have a beautiful portfolio and you have worked on so many projects as a model. Which of the projects you have worked on left the biggest footprint on your modeling experience so far?

I am only started like a model age plus.I haven't a lot experience,but I make the spirit of my surrounding with my positive vibe and energy.This is my biggest footprint to convey to people the energy of life.

What is the most important thing(s) you want potential clients to know about you?

They must know that I am ready to develop in modeling. Ready to bring the idea about ​​the beauty of an older woman. I am ready to make interesting photos, collaborate with various magazines, brands, photographers in order to be broadcast and published everywhere.

What is the most courageous thing you have ever done?

What could it be? It could be New York fashion show. It is is so cool. After that participation in Milan Fashion Week show. Then make some cool photo session for Vogue magazine. Possibly, to make a report for the conference on how it is cool for women to be in age plus modeling.

Besides, discuss all that in women's clubs and at various conferences, convey this idea to girls who bring themselves to anorexia and, maybe, prevent the death of girls and spoiled destinies.

Looking back how has modeling experience changed your personal/professional life? Have you grown more comfortable with yourself since you started?

Yes, of course, modeling has radically changed my life, because I have become more feminine, I have a desire to pay more attention to my appearance and keep it. My life has become a full creativity. I met a huge number of interesting people, visited a large number of events, constant talks about creativity inspires me to come up with new ideas and bring them to life. And every time every idea becomes bigger and bigger. At first it was something small, it required little organization costs, but now it is larger projects at the country level.

Are there any current projects you’re working on that you can tell us about?

Now I'm busy with house renovation, it is the most difficult project😉.At this stage, I plan to make an underwater photo session, where I perform as a model and as a director, a creative director and also as a stylist. You see I try myself as a stylist and I also am also preparing to organize a beauty contest project.

Where can our readers keep up with your work and get connected with you?

Of course, on Instagram.First account about modeling "zhannatv_pirtfolio",second about nutrition "zhannatevakol" and another one brand's closet brandsbigsale".All in Bio.

Model: Zhanna Tevakol @zhannatv_portfolio

Assistant: Assistant: Enes Altug Avsar @enesaltugavsart

Photographer: Ph. Mert Gider @Epilog_studio

Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Cigdem Uzundag @sfx.cigdemuzundag

Wardrobe Stylist: Stylist Ulcar Mustafaeva @ulcar.urudj

Retoucher: Mert Gider @mert_gider_

Creative Director: Zhanna Tevakol @zhannatv_portfolio

Wardrobe Credits:

Dress: BCBGMaxAzria.


Wrap: Gucci.

Necklace: Gal Or,Israel.

Ring: H.Stern

Earrings,ring and wrislet:




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