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Bucket Hats: The On Going Trend Is Still Not Going Anywhere

Judging by what we usually see of hat trends, we all kind of thought the bucket hat would be another one to last for only a season – but we couldn’t be more wrong.

Makeup Artist:⁠ modelagency: @karacteragency⁠ Wardrobe Stylist: @nelina.martins⁠ Model: @fatimadjambam⁠ Photographer: @atomephoto⁠ studio photo: @studioamour.lisboa⁠ Via @officialkavyar

Looking at the latest steetstyle photos and styles, this is one that won’t be leaving for now. But they have a new take of course, which is only natural when you realise it’s been around for about a year now. I have always been a little scared to hop on the hats trends – or any kind of head pieces, really – as they are such a major statement, but I see the bucket hats in a different way, I have them a little closer to heart as I see them as something a lot easier to style and adapt, even with their brimmed shapes very tight fitted to the head. They have this vibe that’s almost infatile what makes it very nostalgic and kind of fun to wear, almost in a way to recapture youth without avoiding adulthood, and I think that’s really nice to work with – and it doesn’t hurt to see all of my favourite it girls and celebrities wearing them.

If I had to pick a date I would say it all started back in mid 2021, when those little toppers started to make their comeback into pop culture – and by pop culture I actually mean social media. By that summer we could spot them everywhere, coming in every color you can think of, and it really gave the season a different vibe from the ones before. All of the fashion girls were wearing it all the time, and I’m talking the biggest names of the generation such as Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber. So it didn’t take long untill everyone wanted to have their own bucket hat – and we thought we would all be done with them by the end of summer. But turns out we never got tired of it so it’s just been changing colors and textures every few months to match each season.

Makeup Artist:⁠ modelagency: @karacteragency⁠ Wardrobe Stylist: @nelina.martins⁠ Model: @fatimadjambam⁠ Photographer: @atomephoto⁠ studio photo: @studioamour.lisboa⁠ Via @officialkavyar

And this time around, the hats are getting updated with cozier textures and a winter color palette – the fuzzy ones seem to be the most popular ones, and so happen to be my favourites. So if you’re not getting the point yet, I’m saying that even if you might have left the trend aside in the last seasons, there’s still time to get on board! Plus, believe it or not, this style is super versatile, it all depends on how you choose to style them – and it’s guaranteed to elevate every look. Pair it with a denim or leather jacket for a cool, casual ensemble, or with something a little more romantic to create an unexpected twist, or if you just want to take your basic look to the next level, this is the hat for you.

If you search the market, I’m sure you’ll find the one that’s just perfect for you in any aspect, as they come in all tones, textures and prices – you can find both affordable and designer labels. The luxurious ones are from Gucci, Loewe, and Prada and I have to say they are very intriguing and desirable – or that’s just me being a fashion lover – but you’ll easily find ones from small brands or local stores that will essentially cause the same effect. Even when they come in classic black to match the season, the bucket hat will add just the right amount of extra to your outfit as it instantly gives a kind of personality to the look that other accessories could never do.



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