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Chiara Clemot: I’m always looking for a romantic, pure and genuine side in my photos

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Photographer: Chiara Clemot @chiara_clemot
Wardrobe Stylist: Eleonora D'Arcangelo @_lamalafemmena_
Makeup Artist: Claudia Passacantilli @vermilion_makeup
Model: Anna Pagano @ninaa_pii @FashionArtWise
Designers:@emmeaerracio, @iseemjo, @annagiuliafirenze
Accessory designers: @lanavolkovofficial, @motifloral_accessori, @emanuela_vannini_design, @invaerso

To begin, can you please give us a little intro as to what motivated you to become a photographer?

Until recently, I’ve often asked myself where I get my passion for photography. There are not artists in my family, both my parents have carried out works very far from that of artist. The same goes for my grandparents.

But some years ago my grandmother pulled out an old photographic book belonging to my father and, suddenly, I just felt all of it.

The photos were taken by my father and in those pictures, I could see myself at all: my eye and the way I feel about the world. It looked as if I myself had taken them.

Unfortunately, life has divided us, but I feel the only thing that keep my father and me connected is photography.

I would say that what prompted me to become a photographer is the love I feel for him.

How would you describe your photographic vision?

It’s difficult to describe my photographic vision, because I normally express it with pictures and not with words.

I can say that I’m always looking for a romantic, pure and genuine side in my photos. Through my pictures I like to convey lightness, the feeling you have when you are in love.

I think the way I take photos is the way I feel the world.

Do you remember your first paid photography gig? How did it go?

I remember very well the first time I asked money to a girl who wanted me to make a photographic book to post on her social media.

She wanted some simple photos with white background so I turned my dining room into a photo studio. I moved the table, the chairs, the sofa and I only used a white wall.

I was just 18 at the time and I remember I was very nervous. My palms got sweaty and I was wondering in my head: “Will the photos be bad? Will she be dissatisfied of my work?”

Then I only gave space to my creativity and everything was fine.

In your experience, what are the most difficult aspects of professional photography?

There are many difficult aspects in this job, but what sometimes makes me angry it’s when some photographers lower the photography market making very low quotes.

Nowadays the world of photography is freely accessible, everybody can become a photographer just buying a camera and watching youtube tutorials.

Furthermore, no degree is required to carry out this kind of professions.

For these reasons there are many competitors and a big problem is that many customers, including large companies, do not choose anymore a photographer for the good quality of the photos, but they simply opt for the lowest price.

What gives you ideas and what inspires you to create your beautiful images?

Well, this is a question I am often asked.

The inspiration actually starts since I open my eyes in the morning until I go to bed. I think this is the most beautiful side of creative people: inspirations come simply by living.

Sometimes if you search it you will never find it. It can come while you are just taking a walk, watching a movie, reading a book or listening to music. No doubt a good cultural background is very important as well as reading books or looking at photos made by the best photographers of the past.

What advice would you give to someone looking at a career in photography?

I would surely say that, even in my opinion, studying the technique it’s not the most important thing.

What you really need to do is searching for your own style. The world is full of images and also of people who copy each other.

I would suggest reading and studying the great artists both of the past and the present, but mostly I would advise to do things with love and passion. In pictures the truth comes out and if you don’t put love in what you do, viewers will never appreciate your works.

What type of projects are dearest to your heart? Why?

The projects I care about the most are those in which I have close ties with the team. I like making new friends on set, knowing new people who have always something to tell.

I don’t like shooting in situations were there isn’t any dialogue. So my best projects are not the ones in which pictures are successful, but those in which strong friendships have been created. Same of theme have lasted over time.

What is typically in your camera bag and what is your favorite photography accessory, other than your camera?

I put only most necessary things in my camera bag: the camera, some lenses, a memory card, batteries, panels and also a portable flash.

Beyond these things I have a little horn which brings me good luck.

My other favorite photography accessory is probably my custom shoulder strap.

From your point of view what makes a shoot successful?

Well, I suppose you can’t do a nice shoot If you don’t have a good team. When you work without pressure and everyone hits it off, everything looks easier and you can achieve the desired result.

I think that even if you have a bad day you must try your best and put at ease the other people on set.

What projects are you working on next, and what are your goals for the future?

Now I’m working at a communication agency. My job consists in creating social contents for some brands.

I hope to realize early more shootings and cooperate with many fashion magazines so that I could show people my creativity sense. My goal for the future is to see a photo of mine on a large advertising panel, maybe in a big city as New York. It was my dream as a child and things haven’t changed.

Where can readers see more of your work and get connected with you?

You can see some of my works on the IG account @chiara_clemot. Meantime I’m trying to create a well-organized web site with my whole portfolio. So, stay tuned!



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