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Cowboy Fashion: The Trend That Is About To Dominate Fall

"Kitsch is very cool right now, maybe the cooler it’s ever been, and that’s exactly where the cowboy hats fit perfectly into"

Photographer: @idaniphotography⁠ Model: @roxanaraducu_rro⁠ Makeup: @emauta⁠ Hair: @cozmageorge⁠ Stylist: @mirunammiu

As we’ve been seeing for a while now, there’s been not-so-little incentive to go full yee-haw this year – I mean, at leats when it comes to fashion – so we should all be ready and looking set to be turning, with a not-at-all light breeze gaining a really serious momentum from the old wild west we all know already. At Copenhagen Fashion Week, which happened back in February, that glamurous fashion celebration that’s venerated and so well respected as a display of the most cutting-edge and avant-garde, we got to see something: the top choices among the street style set were a lot of cowboy hats – just like the ones you buy when you are a teeneger and see a street vendor just after you’ve had spent a little too long sinked in happy hour. And that’s when we knew to open our eyes and pay attention.

Model: @ralucapodea ⁠ Photographer: Daniel Ilinca

I’ll guide you through what’s happening: kitsch is very cool right now, maybe the cooler it’s ever been, and that’s exactly where the cowboy hats fit perfectly into. So we already know we’ll be embracing the good, the bad and the questionable-ish of the wild west and we’ll be wearing it from our heads to our toes – literally. And now it’s all just very clear: bring up your boots and hats and get ready to giddy-up.

We can even spot a stable of brands being established now whose very premise is inspired by the cowboy style. One of those being the British label ‘Cowboys of Habit’, founded very recently by Hannah Waite in July 2022. But even though it id new, it’s safe to say it has already gained a solid fanbase – including names like Kendall Jenner and Victoria Beckham – and it’s all thanks to its Western and nostalgia-inspired collections. You have probably seen the label’s ‘I Heart Cowboys’ t-shirt on your social media at some point, and that’s only fair since the shirt has struggled to stay in stock since its launch earlier this year.

Photo: @jadeklibet⁠ Model: @marie.dindia⁠ MUA: @fannygonzalez_mua⁠ Via @officialkavyar

And of course, even GenZ’s favourite source of knowledge, TikTok, has received the cowboy memo, and now you can search for #RanchCore – of course it ‘core’ - and you’ll notice it’s been stepping up a notch in recent months, proving that all things western are cooler – and much more in demand – than ever before. I guess what I’m tryig to say here is whichever side of the fashion fence you are with this resurgence, grab your hats, slip on your boots and giddy-up for a ride! And to help you do that, here are some of the best – and most famous – westerns items for you to add to your wardrobe and get ready for the season.

The Cowboy Boot

It goes without saying, the cowboy boot is having its moment right now with everyone slipping into the western cowboy style, from celebrities to street style stars. Classic black pairs might even be similar to your ride or die black boots that you have already planned to wear this fall, but now imagine them with the volume turned all the way up. That’s the power of cowboy boots. And you can even have them in different colours, being off-white and brown the most populars ones – and if you don’t mind me saying, the brown ones do give a little more touch of fall to outfits.

The Denim Shirt

Here we have a new and a sleek take on the traditional western shirting. You can even double the denim and style with rodeo-ready jeans if you’re feeling a little bold. You can option for light wash versions to get a more casual aesthetic – and they’ll look great when styled down with comfy jeans and sneakers. Another great way to hop on the trend and rock your denim is to get some sizes up and wear it as overshirt, cementing it as the perfect fall layering piece.

The Rodeo-Ready Jeans

You can also get rodeo-ready – or at least look like you are – with the help of sturdy, no-frills denim. There are a lot of ways to style your denim pants. Straigh-leg cuts have the cowboy stamp of approval we’re going for, while flared jeans are a better fit for the cowgirl look. You can also go for dark wash denim, that have a lived-in feel, whether you’re out in the fall sun or spending a weekday in the office – let's bring a little mistery there, right?

The Prairie Dress

Prairie dresses are a great to add a feminine touch to your western wardrobe, that might feel a little too masculine for some girlies out there. Floral and paisley prints are essential to mastering the trend and I’m sure you’ll find something you like to hit that sweet spot. A great option is a white dress: a forever fall staple. Those cute dresses can be styled any way you feel comfortable, and it pairs well with a leather boot – we're really going for the most cowboy look we can here – and statement earrings also go really well here. I bet you are going to love this romantic, super feminine look – ‘cause let’s be honest, what's not to love?

The Fringe Jacket

Let’s be real here: nothing captures the western spirit quite like a fringe jacket. You can go for a suede-cropped version that stays closter to the classics, or you can look for faux leather jackets and make it all a little more nuanced. You can also choose to wear plaid prints that go hand-in-hand for fall, and those will be found mostly on fringe overcoats. Those will keep you nice and warm against any cool fall temperatures.

The Denim Midi Skirt

To pair up nicely with your newly purchased western shirting – and everything else – find the denim midiskirt that creates the perfect duo. As we know, last season was all about the miniskirts, and now, this season is all about the more mature cousin: midi. Hitting just above the knee, denim midiskirts are very figure flattering, and some of them even sits higher on the waist and can be styled with a classic white t-shirt and sneakers, creating this non-effort pretty outfit. And whilr we’re at it, denim midi-skirt has an A-line silhouette, which feels especially cowgirl-inspired. For those looking for some edgy finishing, find dark wash knee-length skirts.

Model: @ralucapodea ⁠ Photographer: Daniel Ilinca

The Western Belt

Now let’s get into one of my favourite topics: accessories! You may accessorize your rodeowear with a more festive western belt and while the belt loop matters, it’s really all about the belt buckle here – I'm not very happy about it either but we do what we got to do sometimes, I mean we usually finish almost all of our bohemian-tinged looks with an equally beautiful statement belt. But if you are looking for a more minimalist look, you may find yourseld in sleek silver belts, and they'll also look great.

The Cowboy Hat

And last but not least, there’s something to bring your entire western wardrobe together: a cowboy hat. Street style stars seem to gravitate towards cowboy hats made from straw, but you do you and choose whatever suits you best. Whether on the ranch or on the city streets, this might be the biggest accessory trend for the season.



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