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Dmitriy Ermolin: In our time, being talented is not enough.

Publication/Photographer: Dmitriy Ermolin @mojem_spb
Model/Makeup Artist/Accessory Designer: Oksana Gorskaya @bananaoksana

When did your passion for fashion start and what were the milestones that made you the artist you are today?

This happened by accident. 10 years ago I was offered to shoot some unique dresses, and I had no experience. All shooting took place in a circle of friends and therefore we had a wonderful result. Later I met my muse, she and her crowns are presented in these photographs. Today we have one team: she creates, and I am taking photos and complement the images. Suddenly, it turned out that such crowns are interesting not only to us, and this even more motivates us to create new ones.

Tell us a little more about your Inception project. Is there a specific message that you would like to convey to viewers?

We want to show people, and girls in particular, that each one is beautiful and unique. Since childhood, many girls dream of becoming princesses, beautiful, graceful in an evening dress and with a crown on their head. And we want to give girls the opportunity to plunge into a dream and make it a reality.

The project began with a soul-tearing desire to create. A crazy thought appeared, "I can create. Even if not at the highest level." Now, of course, the level is already higher.

What are the technical challenges of this type of photography and how did you overcome them?

The hardest part was getting started - without experience, support or equipment. Now, any difficulties are only feasible tasks for the near future: whether it is to leave for several tens of kilometers to the cherished place or to build a location yourself. Of course, there are difficulties with new models that have not yet been able to completely reveal themselves, but this can also be dealt with. In addition, you can also mention recent events with Covid-19, but this applies to everyone.

We admire the exquisite level of detail in all of your work. Does your creative process start with a certain image in your head, or are you looking for inspiration as you go?

Thanks for the compliment. Everything happens differently every time. Some images are born ready-made and you only need to bring them as close as possible to reality. And sometimes it happens that there is an approximate idea, and you start to scroll possible combinations in your head, think it over in more detail, down to earth. There is no clear structure of actions, most often it is necessary to act according to the circumstances. Basic things like clothes, accessories, props can be thought out in advance, but time and opportunities do not always allow you to get closer to the ideal

Could you give any advice to non-models on how to look good in front of the camera?

Sure! This is a very important question that many are looking for an answer to. Try not to be ashamed of the photographer and discuss mutual experience - probably everyone will say. But there are shootings where this is difficult to do. In my practice, I discuss the details in advance, and sometimes I do a preparatory shoot or a meeting where we communicate and take light shots. If the model is responsible, then she will definitely look at the poses and additional references on the Internet, maybe even print it, this saved the shooting several times. It also does not hurt to practice in front of the mirror and remember which angles look the most advantageous. Make contact and play music on set.

What is the most important thing you want potential customers to know about you?

I am open to new and interesting creative experiments. To develop in a creative sense, what could be more enjoyable? I always say "YES" to new and complex ideas.

What is your dream career?

About the same thing that others dream about: creative freedom, the ability to create without restrictions on time and finances anywhere in the world at any time. And, of course, recognition. In our time, being talented is not enough.

If you couldn't be a photographer, what other career choice would you choose?

To be a photographer in our time, it is enough to have eyes and a phone :) At least, there is such a feeling. And without these components, the choice of a career is not very big. If we omit such details, then in addition to photography, I am engaged in design and layout. Very often these directions do not overlap. It is always useful to have several directions for your work, it helps in search for fresh ideas and earnings.

What's usually in your camera bag, and what's your favorite photographic accessory besides your camera?

Oh, this is almost an intimate question :) In addition to lenses, harness, portable light (I don't use flashlights) and a reflector in my bag, you can find wet wipes, pins, tulle, a few jewelry and ... a highlighter or shadows. Favorite ... Hmm. This is an interesting question. Probably a Stormtrooper keychain from the Star Wars movies. He visited most of my shootings and thanks to him I adjust the light :)

What projects are you working on next and what are your goals for the future?

Now I have finished with two challenging projects: several models, tribal horses, chic dresses, jewelry and crowns, nature and a lot of water. There are still 2 months of summer ahead and we need to have time to shoot more projects. With the arrival of autumn, it will be possible to think about new contests, exhibitions and vacations :)

Where can we see more of your work and talk to you?

It’s very simple. @mojem_spb and @bananaoksana on instagram. Always glad to new friends and ideas!



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