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KATTY LIANG: My goal is to create a brand that resonates with a wide audience

What initially inspired you to pursue a career in fashion design, and how did you get started in the industry?

From a young age, I was drawn to fashion thanks to my grandmother's talent for sewing and my love for sketching. As I started creating clothes for Barbie dolls and later friends, my hobby turned into a passion. This led me to pursue my dream to go to New York City, where I attended a prestigious fashion college, immersing myself in its vibrant fashion scene. Despite challenges, my determination to innovate and excel in this dynamic industry remains unwavering.

Can you describe your design aesthetic and the themes or influences that often recur in your collections?

My design aesthetic is a blend of femininity, subtle edginess, and sophistication. I strive to create pieces that are both unique and versatile, experimenting with various shapes, colors, and textures. While it's challenging to encapsulate my aesthetic in a single word, I find inspiration in the fusion of contrasting elements, resulting in collections that exude individuality and elegance. Themes of empowerment, self-expression, and the celebration of diversity often recur in my designs, reflecting my belief in fashion as a form of personal storytelling

Walk us through your creative process. How do you typically approach designing a new collection or piece?

My creative process begins with inspiration, drawn from a myriad of sources such as nature, art, vintage clothing, or even specific fabrics. Once I've identified a concept that resonates with me, I dive into sketching rough drafts and creating mock-ups to explore different design possibilities. However, my most innovative pieces often emerge from the process of draping, as it allows me the freedom to experiment in three dimensions. This hands-on approach not only enables me to refine my designs but also sparks unexpected creative breakthroughs. From there, I carefully refine and perfect each element of the collection or piece, ensuring that it embodies my vision while remaining true to my aesthetic.

Sustainability and ethical practices are increasingly important in the fashion world. How do you incorporate these principles into your designs and business practices?

Sustainability and ethical practices are integral to my approach in both design and business. I prioritize incorporating these principles by embracing innovative ways to minimize waste and maximize resourcefulness. For instance, I actively seek opportunities to repurpose used scraps of fabric, envisioning new and unique creations from materials that might otherwise go to waste. This not only reduces environmental impact but also adds a distinctive element to my designs. Additionally, I strive to source materials from suppliers who share my commitment to ethical production practices, ensuring that every aspect of my business aligns with my values of sustainability and responsibility

Fashion trends are constantly evolving. How do you stay current with trends while maintaining your unique design perspective?

While fashion trends hold significance in the industry, I believe in maintaining a balance between staying current and preserving my unique design perspective. Rather than blindly following every trend, I prioritize conscious decision-making. This involves assessing trends for their impact on the environment and ensuring alignment with my values. By staying informed without compromising my design ethos, I aim to offer clients a balance of trendiness and sustainability in my design.

What materials and techniques do you prefer to work with, and why?

I prefer to work with a variety of materials, including organza, tulle, chiffon, and leather. Each material offers unique textures and qualities that allow me to bring my designs to life in diverse and captivating ways. Whether it's the delicate sheerness of organza or the luxurious feel of leather, I enjoy the versatility and creative possibilities that these materials provide in my designs

The fashion industry can be highly competitive. What sets your designs apart, and how do you differentiate yourself in the market?

The fashion industry is undeniably competitive, but I believe in the power of passion and authenticity. What sets my designs apart is my unwavering commitment to creating pieces that truly resonate with me. By staying true to my unique vision and focusing on what I love, I differentiate myself in the market. This authenticity shines through in my designs, capturing the attention of those who appreciate genuine creativity and individuality

How do you envision the future of your brand or label, and what are your goals for its growth and development?

While I'm currently working independently, I envision a future where my designs are accessible to everyone. My goal is to create a brand that resonates with a wide audience, offering unique and innovative creations that inspire and delight. As I continue to develop my skills and expand my reach, I hope to establish a brand known for its creativity, quality, and inclusivity. Ultimately, my aim is to share my passion for design with the world and make a positive impact through my work

Lastly, what do you hope people feel or experience when wearing your designs, and what legacy do you aspire to leave through your work in fashion?

I aspire for anyone wearing my designs to feel empowered, beautiful, and confident. I want my creations to evoke a sense of comfort and ownership, allowing individuals to embrace their uniqueness and express themselves freely. Through my work in fashion, I aim to leave a legacy of empowerment and self-assurance, inspiring others to embrace their individuality and celebrate their inner beauty

Photographer: Ngjairo @ngjairo

Fashion Designer: KATTY LIANG @thekliang

Model: Xuruyi @xuruyi_xu



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