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Nadin Muñóz Clofen: I have always said that the modelling industry is practically a self-taught industry

Updated: May 7

Can you describe your journey into the modeling industry and how it has shaped your career path over the years?

I started in the modelling industry when I was 15 years old, motivated by my father's work. He works in the graphic arts so we always had magazines and catalogues at home and I admired all the work of the different models that appeared in them.

I have always said that the modelling industry is practically a self-taught industry. It's through motivation, curiosity and experience that you figure out how to be in the industry.

From the age of 15 to 20 was not the best part of my career because something that plays a big role in modelling is self-confidence, and in my case that part of me was still not very well developed.

From the age of 20 I decide that I want to give my all in the industry and really be in it, so I change my attitude in the industry and my career took a turn. I start working a lot as a model with brands, I die music videos, I shoot my first short film... and I also discover my space in the industry, teaching models through an online course about how to start in the industry.

Also, last year I was named Miss World Tarragona for the Miss World Spain pageant, where I was top 6 in the final.

Working for Fashion TV, you discovered a passion for journalism. How did this realization influence your professional trajectory?

My participation in Fashion TV showed me that I wanted to be in front of a camera and work in communication. That was a crucial moment in my life when I realised that many times in life you have to take the plunge and accept challenges even if you don't think you are ready for them.

After two years with them, I did my degree in international journalism, and today thanks to that I have had the opportunity to work at events as a presenter, at football matches as a content creator and I also help brands/companies to communicate better with their audience.

With a degree in international journalism, you now work as a communication specialist for multiple companies. How do you integrate your background in modeling into your role as a communication specialist?

I think that both careers have given me self-confidence, and they can often be mixed together.

Within the industry, knowing how to talk to the camera has helped me to enhance my castings and my interaction with a camera, on the other hand, in communication, thanks to being around cameras since I was 15, I have never been afraid of being in front of one, so I have always played with that advantage to be able to focus on communicating and not take into account external factors.

As a modeling instructor, what inspired you to share your expertise with others, and what are some key lessons you aim to impart to your students?

What I have discovered from my career as an instructor is that I love helping models and it is an amazing job to motivate someone to really trust themselves.

I've been an online instructor for 4 years but this year I've been able to do it in person, so I've been able to see and hear all the doubts of the models live, something that has filled me to continue creating this style of events.

The most important thing I teach in these classes is to show the reality of an industry where you will be judged on your looks and where communication with yourself is crucial. I show them that even with an 11 year career in the industry rejection still exists, I explain my experience in the industry and absolutely every action/mistake I made during my career.

My aim is to show them that their attitude in the industry is crucial, that self-confidence is what will get them where they want to go, and that every opportunity, even if it doesn't work out the way we hope, can be a positive thing for the future of our careers.

You've had the opportunity to collaborate with various well-known brands across different mediums such as photo shoots, catwalks, commercials, and e-commerce. Could you share a memorable experience or project from your work with brands like Amazon, Bridal Week, Fabletics, and Pull&Bear?

One of my best learnings was to enjoy the moment in each project, to be present and to make the most of each experience. So, I couldn't tell you an exact memory of each of the projects because in all of them I have always been surrounded by incredible industry professionals, with dreams and a desire to eat the world.

How do you approach content creation given your dual expertise in modeling and journalism?

One of the things that covid has brought us in the modelling industry has been the opportunity to leverage different ways in which to work as a model outside of offline shoots. Also, the platforms where we can create content help us to be able to give a voice about who we are and reach more brands and professionals.

Throughout your career, what have been some of the biggest challenges you've faced, and how have you overcome them?

The biggest challenge was realising that I had to change my attitude, and start enjoying the now in the modelling industry.

As a model in an industry with so much competition it is almost impossible not to compare yourself to other models at a casting or question yourself when you don't get selected, but with a lot of inner work I managed to have a healthy relationship with the industry that helped me to be able to boost my profile and my opportunities in it.

What advice would you give to aspiring models who are looking to break into the industry?

Believe in themselves, trust their profile, and show the world everything they have inside them. Each person is unique and the way to show it, is to show who we are to the world without fear.

9 How do you stay updated on the latest trends and developments in both the modeling and journalism industries?

In all my social networks I follow all the professionals, agencies, models, fashion magazines that I like, so I always find out what's going on thanks to the content they share.

Nowadays with social media it is very easy to keep up to date with everything that is happening in the world in relation to the industry, and there are content creators who create content of great value.

Can you discuss a particularly rewarding project or achievement in your career thus far?

My crowning as Miss World Tarragona was the most important achievement I had in the modelling industry.

Apart from everything you might think about what these pageants mean, it helped me to know how to express myself better, to get rid of my inner voice that told me I was not enough and I can say that after this pageant I became a totally different person.

In these pageants there is a 3 month preparation in which you work on many things but above all you work on your self-esteem. Those 3 months changed my life, and I would repeat the experience a thousand times more.

Balancing your roles as a communication specialist, modeling instructor, and your personal endeavors can be challenging. How do you manage your time and priorities effectively?

A year ago it was very difficult, I am a very ambitious person and I like to be able to be on a lot of projects so I developed a way of organizing myself to be able to get to everything I wanted to do.

I organize absolutely everything in a paper diary in which I write down everything I have to do and the time it takes up so I have a real vision of all the things I have to do, and that allows me to organize all the tasks I have to do in a way that I can also enjoy days off in my life without any stress.

I also have to say that it is very important to be able to combine all these things with a personal life, because sometimes you have to sacrifice weekends to move things forward or to be able to be on projects where you only have weekend availability.

Looking ahead, what are your goals or aspirations for the future, both professionally and personally?

I want to continue in the modelling industry and I'd like to do a lot more in-person classes as an instructor, so I think the goal I have this year is to be able to increase the classes and get closer to all the models who want to start in the industry.

As for my personal life, to continue to enjoy absolutely everything I do and to see where the opportunities that I will find and look for this year will take me.

Photographer: Anyul Led Rivas @anyulled

Model: Nadin Munoz Clofen @nadinmclofen



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