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Editorial Makeup: what is that and how to create the perfet look

There’s one beautiful, creative style of makeup that catches everyone’s eye. It’s colorful, or angular, or clean, or stylish, or anything in between. It’s editorial makeup.

Photo: @noemi.cagliani MUA: @francesca92_mua Fashion stylist: @sara_dozio Hair: @francesca.hs.diadema Hair: @martina.arvat_diadema Model: @bravemodels Modelling Agency: @icanmodelmanagement Model: @adelegianolio Via @officialkavyar

The word “editorial” refers to anything related to print: newspapers, magazines, even websites and some social media platforms. But how does the word editorial relate to makeup? Well, simply put, editorial makeup is makeup looks you would see in print.

Photo & Cr Dir: @mrh.studios Retoucher: @retouch.retusz Retoucher: @ckimaging Retoucher: @retouch.juliach Assistant: @aadriannaratte MUA & Hair: @designyourhair Model: @bridgettehayley Access: @goldteethcanada Jewelry: @haileyanastasia Via @officialkavyar

Editorial makeup begins with understanding the model’s skin tone - and accordingly applying the makeup and other cosmetics. The skin must look shinny and fresh, so editorial makeup requires a lot of practice and knowledge to bring out flawless clear skin.

Another important thing to know is that the two main aspects in editorial makeup are hair styling and face contouring. In many editorial photoshoots, hair styling is the focal point, and in that case a hair stylist will have a big role to play.

Although many hairstyles featured in magazines are far from reality and can’t be pulled off by a regular individual on their every day life , they are pursued in editorial makeup for fashion magazines.

Photo: @specularphotography Fashion: @maracole_boldwear MUA: @rosharofficial Model: @villycrazypanda Via @officialkavyar

Editorial photography is all about finding the right balance between the model, the styling, and the makeup, so the makeup artist and the stylist need to be on the same page about the

how the model should look and counts on the experience and knowledge of the makeup artist to give the model perfect and matching face structure.

Photo: @rosemaryosuya MUA: @mydahwastimakeup Model: @cami.tnne Via @officialkavyar

For the Fashion Industry, editorial makeup includes setting up trends. An editorial makeup artist should be skilled enough to make the model look desirable on both social media and print publications – enough to make people want to buy whatever the editorial is trying to sell.



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