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Emil Sabijon Besitulo: be greatful and share your creativity,talents and skill

Emil, could you tell us who you are and how did you get involved with fashion.

Greetings in the name of the Lord I'm Emil Sabijon Besitulo I'm a Fashion designer/Finearts I'm 43 of age I study/Graduate at Slim's Fashion and Arts School. When I was a child I have two sisters always playing dolls so they incourage me to to play with them and make styling and wear any outfit of there dolls at that age. I started sketch a raftsketch a simple dress to improved may self and moore practise before I'll go to school is moore improvement that I ever make.

My mother is a cut and sew so that moore I courage for me as a fashion designer and my family is very supportive at the time it's unconditional the love and support at me. I watched local fashionshow that's give me moore inlighten about fashion in the Philippines that make me amazed and pursue this fashion industry so that I told to my self one of this day I'm become a successful fashion designer in the future.

What do you love the most about your profession.

I love my profession to share and to show my talents,skills and creativity to others and inspired everyone's. I appreciate and didecate my love of fashion. In every single day to create a fabulous couture with a time to see the hardwork and create a craftsmanship into a piece. That's are mission to show the beauty of art in fashion.

How hard has it been establishing yourself in the industry and what are some of the largest things you've faced.

Yes indeed to join some association and organisation for opportunities to promote and help some charities. Such as sponsoring some various events. To stablished my creation/collection in this Industry. And photoshoot for a cause. Helping to our fellow people in calamities. And some other client happy to work with them the respect and trust at me they no me as a meticulous for the details and applique of there dress in KSA al khobar and some of them are hard pleasing because they don't no you but if the haute couture dress is well done they appreciate you as a professional fashion designer

How would you describe your work to someone who has never seen it? Is there any messege you would like your photos to convey.

I'm so greatfull that every photos. Helps to make some ideas and not copyright others. To show what is the latest trends,colors,styles and collection what we have in the fashion industry is to share there masterpiece to social media's and promote in nation wide to see what's in your fashion style in different ways.

How do you keep yourself productive and retain your creative edge.

Always positive vibes and thinker that's my daily routine. And to be creative and presentation to the workers and guide themselves your ideas in there daily activities to the work flow. And to the worker give them some periods of time to concentrate there solely fresh ideas to make a perfection there work such as embroidered,applique and cutting techniques

What's the most important things you want your potential clients to know about you.

The important things to consider when evaluating some customer loyalty to show them polite, trust and guide them. What they like to there outfit for the events and make detailing and empress them such as sample of embroidery,textles and sketch. Moore patients in everyday activities in the shop show them the humble as you are try to ask what they like and dislike about there style. And to show my latest collection and display

If you could say one things to someone younger who looks up to you,what would you say.

To be humble always all the be influenced other people.younger then me. Be yourself and strongly confident that what you are, focus in what you believing of yourself and prove it that you can do it.and always make good appreciate the great things. And learn every mistake because you learn alot from it, to be perfectionist in what you make it. And to be greatful and share your creativity,talents and skill to other and inspired everyone's

What's been the biggest highlights in your career so far.

So far working in studio Twelve for photoshoot/magazine/makeup artist. That's achievement to collaboration with them to improve and show our talents,skills,craftsmanship and the work of harmony it's politely features oue works of any international magazines with a team and some locals fashionshow and charities other organisations in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

What does life look like for you now and where do you see yourself in the future.

For now and then the life of fashion was not ended. Every a single moment and creativity is more and more ideas,style and details. Haute couture is the most challenging in the next generation until now is more specific and glamorous in every designer and authentic details that you can ever see specially in other professional fashion designer. See me as a couturier in the future as up now I love haute couture/high fashion

Makeup Artist: Jelmar Aragon Orig @angelmeh08
Fashion Designer: Emil Sabijon Besitulo @emil_sabijon_besitulo_couture
Photographer: Armando Simpliciano
Model: Lana F. Kariemeh @its_miss_louliana369
Model: Kristen Ilas
Model: Andy Anoche Cauyan @masterhostman_andy



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