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How to feel comfortable and prepared in front of the camera as a new model

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Being a model is very modern and fashionable. Everywhere you look, you see campaigns with models in them. Think about billboards, stores, websites, tv and so much more. Models have a big impact on our society even though not everyone notices it.

In this article, we are going to give you some tips to be prepared and feel comfortable for your first time in front of the camera. Your first shoot will probably be stressful for you but we hope to help you with our advice.

Photo: @thomascapassoph Model: @michela__triulzi Via @officialkavyar
Photo: @thomascapassoph Model: @michela__triulzi Via @officialkavyar

The first thing you need to be sure of is that you work with a team or photographer that you

know or trust. If you are under eighteen, you are obligated to bring someone with you. But overall, it's advised to bring someone either way. For your first photoshoot, it is a must to feel entirely comfortable in the outfits that you're wearing. That way you don't have to worry about that anymore. From here on we will give you tips to get the best results possible on your first model shoot. Even though there are different styles in which you can define yourself, it doesn't matter if a tip does not apply to you.

Tip #1

Practise poses for the shoot. Search for a lot of different poses that apply to your shoot theme. This way you won't stand blank without any pose ideas. And the most important thing of all... know your angles!

Photo: @regionmt Fashion Showroom: @colectivocreativodemoda MUA: @ufomagik_mua Model: @nayaberenguer Via @officialkavyar
Photo: @regionmt Fashion Showroom: @colectivocreativodemoda MUA: @ufomagik_mua Model: @nayaberenguer Via @officialkavyar

Tip #2

When looking away in a pose, make sure that there is not too much white from your eyes visible on the camera. When you turn your head, do not go beyond looking straight ahead. You will do this automatically if you pay attention to it every time.

Tip #3

Pose towards the light. When you don't take that into account, you can create unwanted shadows. That can be nice, but not always the intention.

Photo: @frissiones_fotografia Retoucher: @f.a.photoretouch MUA & Hair: @mercedesvictoriamakeup Assistant: @pablotrap Model: @iamelsasoares Via @officialkavyar
Photo: @frissiones_fotografia Retoucher: @f.a.photoretouch MUA & Hair: @mercedesvictoriamakeup Assistant: @pablotrap Model: @iamelsasoares Via @officialkavyar

Tip #4

Express the right emotion. Know what you want to say with the picture. Practice different facial expressions in front of the mirror. Eyebrows, eyes, and mouth can independently express very different emotions.

Tip #5

Hmm... what should we do with our hands? People sometimes forget how quickly they can look weird in a photo. Don't put them flat and head-on against your body, for example on your thighs, they'll look huge. Play with your hands, make different movements. Let them touch your face or each other. Once you understand this, you can capture beautiful hand movements on camera.

We hope that you feel prepared enough to handle your first shoot. But don't worry, the photographer will help you with everything and give you tips during the poses.

The last thing to remember is that you should have fun and be relaxed. You can check out our printed magazines to get inspired by professional models or have a look at tons of different and unique model poses. We are also very active on @MALVIEmag! Follow our account for more inspiration.



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