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How to make a Winning Fashion Magazine Cover?

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Fashion magazines are considered as the medium for channeling luxury imaginations into their viewer's minds. Either it's about the cover or the content of a fashion magazine, the topmost priority is to grab the readers' attention.

But as a fashion creative, how will you attract the buyers towards the magazine cover? Just by making a winning fashion magazine cover! In this article, we've gathered some fantastic tips that will help you with designing your magazine cover.

Let's dive in!


First and foremost, you need to research good ideas that are related to your cover design. For example: If you are shooting for a beauty editorial, try to match all your thoughts and looks with that. You can search for related poses and unique makeup ideas that can check with your mood board.


It will help if you take care of some minor things as a photographer. For example, you must be well aware that while shooting, leave some space for the text and keep the background of the cover picture free from some distracting objects. You can also check the below images for a clear idea:


All magazines have a different theme and concept behind them. Try to

understand that point and search accordingly.


Using behind-the-scenes videos is a different thing, and you can skip that if you

want. But your editorial gets accepted from a fashion magazine. They will

promote your work by using those BTS videos and photos. So, one secret tip is

you should add them!

The above tips are not strict rules to follow because your experience and practice

also matter. But you never know, by following the above information you can

make a successful newsstand magazine cover!

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