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Leather: love it or hate it, it’s not going anywhere

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Hollywood star, model or just a regular person on the street – there is nothing that will make you look quite as good as leather.

Hair: @lovebeautifulhair MUA: @robbinkujusmakeup Photo: @xvkbarr Model: @rachel_fritti Via @officialkavyar

Not like many other fabrics over the years, leather has made itself a permanent feature in Fashion. Its protective, long-wearing qualities mixed with its fashion appeal means that leather clothing has become timeless, and most people love it. But even though it was never really gone, leather made a huge comeback – it's everywhere!

So, to help you keep up with the trend, we rounded up some of the best ways to wear it.

Photo: @camilobedoyaph Model: @mischell___ MUA: @danilondomua Fashion: @marellcano Assistant: @jhonmafoto Fashion: @alejaaescudero Fashion: @pamela.arias7 Via @officialkavyar

Leather Sets

Don’t matter what anyone say, matching sets are not made just for summer, and for the colder weather, why not try a head-to-toe leather look? Whether you’re going back to the office, on a weekend trip, or preparing for a night out, the heavy-duty fabric will keep you shielded no matter what. And you’ll look amazing.

Photo: @vladpopovart MUA: @lizzibeautystyle Model: @dianashemetova2 Fashion: @vic_andy Jewelry: @si.bazaart Via @officialkavyar

Leather Blazers

They are preppy, sleek, and not so edgy as the moto look you get from a leather jacket, what makes it a lot easier to have it on your wardrobe – also, it’s very 90’s, which is also making a comeback. Two for one!

Photo: Model: @aylen_hervaz MUA: @kingkendry Cr Dir: @lulu.styling Via @officialkavyar

Leather gloves

Long leather gloves just do it, we don’t even have to say much about it. You can wear them to add an elegant touch to a casual look, or to make a statement one even more bold. It’s everything.



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