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Jhon Freitas, directly from Brazil to be a new player at the worldwide business

To properly present the personality of Jonathas Freitas, from Brazil, we need to talk about the moment of global prominence that this Latin American country occupies in the world today.

On the other hand of the economic and political instability that Brazil finds itself at the moment, there is a generation of great minds willing to create possibilities and opportunities in highly profitable ways and reach global importance using social media and technology.

Whether in music, TV, startups, finance, food or fashion, there are a number of companies and ideas coming from Brazil with a strong desire to conquer markets. Europe and the United States are the main markets desired by Brazilians and there is an increasing import of Brazilian services, fashion, products, entertainment and technology.

In the Technology sector, Brazil is advancing rapidly and has a large number of global startups that worths more than USD 100 million, including at least 16 unicorns, valued at more than one billion dollars.

This market in Brazil registers more than USD 76 billion in revenues with companies in the field in the country per year. Last year, technology revenue represented 4.6% of the country's revenue and the expectation is that USD 120 billion will be invested in the area over the next two years, which should further accelerate the market, according to data from the Association Brazilian Society of Companies in the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) sector – Brasscom. One of the protagonists in the development of this market, São Paulo entrepreneur Jonathas Freitas, has been in the market for 16 years and has already participated in the founding of more than 40 technology startups that have become recognized nationally and internationally, earning the entrepreneur the title of one of the most technology according to the specialized media and news agencies.

Jonathas Freitas is a businessman and angel investor. Aged 33 and was born in São Paulo, but has spent almost two decades in the interior of Bahia. Jonathas stands out for identifying projects with the potential to become large companies in the field through well-crafted theses and on business models, making investments and becoming a partner in these companies, enhancing business and the possibilities of growth of ideas that can become solutions for society. Over the past 16 years, Jonathas has prepared himself as a leader and on his journey has identified projects that have become valuable startups in the market. All of his assets were built from his own businesses, considering that in his youth he lived years of very limited financial condition until he began to reap the fruits of his work as an entrepreneur. Jonathas has a stake in the DreamMaker fund and through it works as an accelerator for promising companies that need smart money to get off the ground. The entrepreneur's endeavors in the technology sector have already earned him the Entrepreneur of the Year of the Digital Awards Brazil, in 2020 and 2021. Among his most recent companies are TouroClass , Guerrilha Way, BlitzPay and ManyContent.

Jonathas is married to financial consultant Carolina Barros and father of little boy Theo Barros Freitas. The family recently announced that they are expecting a baby girl in the next few months.

As the companies in which he invests gain important numbers and acquire tens of thousands of dollars in market value, he becomes an important player not only in the Latin American market, but also a new player in the European, Asian and American markets.

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